Motivational Video For Success in Hindi – Sales Training Program Part 11

Posted: December 26, 2012 at 11:42 am

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Motivational Video for Success in Hindi series or success mantra in Hindi In this part 11 of self help training program video , I am going to be talk about arguments. Now think back to basically every single argument that you've ever had. Were they worth it? Maybe you managed to get your point across But was it worth making that person you cared about dislike you that little bit? All you probably gained if you won was the fact that you convinced someone else you were right, but if you really think about it, you will have lost a lot more than you have gained. I have also explained - What is ego ? What is the nature of ego ? What is the difference between argument and civilized conversation ? How to handle difficult people ? I request you to comment , subscribe and share the video , if you like it Subscribe: Twitter : Facebook : The intention of this sales training program is to help millions of sales people in India , to understand the principles of networking , interpersonal relationships and communication in a simple way and in Indian scenario . The recording of this self help sales training program is in Hindi language . I believe that , if you follow the instructions , it will increase your productivity to many fold Why I am doing it? What is in it for me ? The answer is that I just want to HELP . Idea is just to share , my experience - no commercial motive is attached Do write to me @ Motivational ...

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Motivational Video For Success in Hindi - Sales Training Program Part 11

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