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Posted: June 2, 2021 at 1:54 am

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As I start to wind down my 40-plus years of training salespeople, one thing still stands out as I look back at this amazing journey, while having the privilege of working with more than 700,000 people that are in the field of sales.

A properly trained salesperson will never be unemployed.

Yes, this is a profession where you can literally go your entire life never being unemployed or as they say looking for work.

There are always sales jobs available, and ones where you can make a decent amount of money. Sure, it might not be in the industry you were hoping for, but bottom line you are still employed and being compensated, and even paid more for a job well done.

Here are two examples.

I have worked over the years in many different industries. I have had the fortune to form some great relationships with owners in the automotive industry and CEOs of large distributors in the field of technology from business equipment to information technology.

In almost every case, these business executives told me of the issues that they had with their sales force. It didnt matter what the company was or what products or services they sold, but they all had the same dilemma.

As an average, 20% of their salespeople did very well and were self-sufficient without too much administration of strict sales management procedures. The rest were either just average, a bit below average or ready to be let go and soon as they could find someone to replace them.

Lets use the example of a new car dealership. We all know how difficult it can be to buy a new car and the hoops we have to jump through on a substantially large purchase.

In most car dealerships, we see salespeople come and go, and they might go to another car dealership or leave the industry entirely. Either way, ask any owner on how many great salespeople they have had over the years and the answer might surprise you.

I will give you a hint, not too many.

The same goes for with my next example of salespeople working at a technology company selling copiers or related products or software. The great ones are not the norm, but the few.

In both industries, more salespeople can be great if they just had:

The desire

The love of what they were selling

The proper sales training, not just product training

High empathy to help the customer and not just sell them

Great sales managers to guide them properly

The point I am trying to make is fairly basic. If the salesperson upped their own game by learning their profession by either:

Reading books on selling

Taking a sales class or going to a seminar on professional selling

Going online (YouTube, etc) for selling techniques by the worlds best sales trainers

Listening to podcasts by leading authorities

Studying their own industry to become incredibly knowledgeable

By spending time to develop their own set of skills, this will raise their ability to perform at a higher level which means that they can go from average to well above average or even being great at what they do. This way, the world opens up to them and they can look at what they might want to sell rather than staying in the same industry, since they are stuck at being average or below.

Think about it, what company does not want to hire a top performer or a proven great salesperson?

It is easy to never be unemployed as a professional salesperson, especially if you work on the one word, which is professional.

Hal Becker is a nationally known speaker on sales and customer service. He is the author of numerous business books including two national best sellers, Can I Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time? and Lip Service. Hals newest book on sales is titled Ultimate Sales Book. He can be reached at

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