FlexIt Experiences Massive Company Growth in its First Year, Launches New Engagement Features in Personal Training and Extended Reality for 2020 -…

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January 06, 2020 09:00 ET | Source: FlexIt

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FlexIt, the app that enables users to work out at gyms by paying only for the time they use (down to the minute), today announces the incorporation of FlexIt Training and FlexIt XR. FlexIt Training brings on-demand personal training to select gyms on the FlexIt platform, while FlexIt XR brings virtual reality to the fitness industry in never before seen ways, including revolutionary extended reality services.

Launched at CES 2019, FlexIt experienced rapid growth in its first year and is now integrating these new features to both improve the app experience and take user engagement to new heights. Meeting the demands of consumers and gyms, FlexIt continues to evolve, delivering best-in-class experiences.

Since launching a year ago, we have experienced incredible growth, as we have brought over 1,500 partner gyms onto the platform, across 20 states. As we continue to go deeper in our existing markets and expand into new markets, it is imperative that we deliver strong engagement for existing and future users and partners alike, said Austin Cohen, Founder and CEO of FlexIt. Based on the feedback that weve received from fitness enthusiasts and club owners and operators, its clear that consumers prioritize optionality and customization, which is exactly why we launched these new features.


FlexIt Training is an all-access personal training app nested within the core FlexIt app. The incorporation of personal training access into the FlexIt ecosystem affords consumers hyper a-la-carte accessibility, which benefits users, trainers and gyms alike.

With FlexIts new personal training feature, users can now access personal training sessions at participating FlexIt partner gyms. These sessions allow users to only pay for the time they spend with the trainer (available in increments of 15 minutes). Previously, personal training packages were only readily available and feasible in three ways: as a member of a gym, outdoors or at home. And historically, sessions are typically available in bulk packages.

Users can select trainers that have a proficiency in his or her desired training skillset and check-in and check-out using the trainers personal QR code on their phones, just as users would to access a gym using FlexIt. Now users can try out personal trying before deciding whether to join that gym as a member.


Starting in 2020 and available on a waitlist basis, FlexIt is rolling out its extended reality arm, FlexIt XR, which benefits both FlexIt users and gym partners.


FlexIts augmented reality (AR) debut incorporates AR into the individual facility pages of gyms of select partners on the FlexIt platform within the core FlexIt app. The inclusion of AR in the app enables users to take immersive tours of gyms, familiarizing users with the gym layout prior to entering the facilities to offer users a new level of comfort.

In-app, virtual tours provide insight into the layouts of FlexIt partner locations, including details down to specific brands and details of equipment and workout machines. This technology permits users to survey the equipment offered (ellipticals, squat racks, rings, seated leg presses, etc.) before their first visit to the club. Using AR tours, users can remotely plan their workouts and feel comfortable navigating facilities upon arrival.


FlexIts virtual reality (VR) debut includes a multi-phase roll-out, starting in 2020 with cutting-edge VR fitness technology. The first phase includes VR Pre-Tours, which allows gyms to exhibit a future facility to potential new members. Akin to condo sales galleries employing VR-visualizations to sell real estate, these VR Pre-Tours can assist in the membership pre-sales process.

VR Pre-Tours are so detailed that users can even pick up the weights in the gyms they are touring (virtually) and lift them with analogous haptic feedback to simulate lifting weights, with heavier weights bearing the illusion of added resistance. VR Pre-Tours will be available at FlexIt pop-ups, FlexIt events, and viewing centers and pre-sale showrooms. VR Pre-Tours enables users to visualize and walk through highly detailed facilities to mirror the actual, in-gym experience.

All three of our new integrations are a result of responses from those we work with and serve. These features offer more flexibility than ever before, so users can make empowered decisions on their own time and gym owners and operators can best market and serve these new customers, said Justin Turetsky, Founding Team and Head of Operations. With various technologies trying to keep consumers in-home, we believe that the future of fitness is inside fitness clubs themselves.

FlexIt is currently available for download in the App Store and Google Play, and the team will be demoing the new AR/VR features at CES 2020. To learn more about FlexIt, visit: http://www.flexit.fit.

About FlexIt FlexIt Inc. is the mobile app that quickly and seamlessly enables users to access fitness clubs wherever and whenever they want, and only pay for the amount of time that they are in the facility. Available in over 1,500 fitness clubs across the country, FlexIt offers consumers the flexibility that they expect, while generating leads and enhancing profitability for fitness clubs. FlexIt provides club access to users while simultaneously providing clubs with access to a large network of prospective members. FlexIt is available for download on iOS and Android in their respective app stores; for more information, please visit http://www.flexit.fit.

Media Contact: Lauren Cozza Uproar PR for FlexIt 321-236-0102 x233 lcozza@uproarpr.com

FlexIt Experiences Massive Company Growth in its First Year, Launches New Engagement Features in Personal Training and Extended Reality for 2020 -...

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