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Kieron Kendell, sales director at MAG Laundry Equipment, is of the view that laundries looking for perfect ironing results should look no further than MAG Laundry Equipment; we are well-known in the industry for supplying highquality, efficient, affordable laundry machines. He says that whether your business is small or large MAG can recommend the best machine for the job to meet your expectations and budget.

Popular models include roller irons, drying irons and finishing tables plus, says Kendell, MAG also supplies multifunctional calenders that are able to dry, iron, feed, fold and stack flatwork linen efficiently and to the highest quality.

Starting with the smaller scale devices, Kendell says MAGs roller irons are easy to use and perfect for small businesses. And he claims that they are very popular within laundries on ships, restaurants, B&Bs, care homes, and beauticians and other establishments. The roller irons are available in various sizes including one metre, 1.2 metre and 1.4 metre models which, Kendell says, are commonly used for ironing napkins, tablecloths, small bed sheets and pillowcases.

For the larger operation Kendell points to MAGs drying ironers which, he says, are popular within on-premise laundries as well as commercial laundry shops, hotels and hospitals. In his view, drying irons are designed to provide the highest quality finish and they make easy work of napkins, pillowcases, bed sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths and other flatwork items that can be dried and ironed in a single operation directly from a high spin washing machine.

Kendell reckons that MAGs commercial drying ironers are extremely popular products thanks to the excellent finish and very competitive price.

One point Kendell is keen to make is that MAGs range of drying ironers are design-led. In explaining this, he says that they are energy efficient and operate with the front feeding and front return of linen, a built-in cool down system and stainless-steel panels. Further, they are easy to maintain and can process 120kg of laundry per hour.

For laundries at the upper end of the commercial scale, Kendell suggests the CTP range which can meet the demands of the largest laundry operations. These units come with various options for the feeding, folding and stacking of linen, the prime ones being front feed and front return of linen, length fold, cross fold and stacking options, one or two working lanes, touchscreen technology and energy efficiency. Of course, Kendell wants to emphasise other products from MAG Laundry Equipment including a range of finishing equipment such as ironing tables, pneumatic presses, cabinets, universal mannequins and more for the finishing of general laundry such as clothing and bedding.

MAG offers a range of payment options and packages to suit each customer. Some customers, says Kendell, choose to purchase machines outright while others choose to pay monthly for their new commercial laundry machines by leasing or renting the equipment.

MAG Laundry Equipment also offers nationwide coverage for maintenance visits, repairs, gas certificates and service contracts for virtually all commercial laundry machines on the market

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Finishing equipment - Pressing the point home - Laundry and Cleaning Today

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