Find a more productive you with this $52 master class bundle –

Posted: June 2, 2021 at 1:54 am

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Everybody has a different way to get the most out of their day, whether its exercise, meditation or pizza. The benefits of improving productivity are clear: Getting more done in less time means efficiency and more time to do the things we enjoy. So what are the key ways to improve productivity? There are many ways to be better and faster at what we do, you just need to find what works specifically for you.

Right now, The 2021 Productivity Master Class Bundle is on sale for $51.69, including tuition on a range of subjects that can improve your productivity. The bundle also features a one-year subscription to StackSkills Unlimited, which features courses on topics as wide-ranging as business, technology, creativity, marketing and more.



The bundle includes 12 courses split into 289 lessons, spanning 16 hours of content to help you develop into a productivity ace. Start with the productivity masterclass, which introduces a four-step productivity framework to help you start kicking goals immediately. Move on to the class focusing on habits, which allows you to develop lifelong habits to keep you on track. The bundle can even teach you key skills like speed-reading, finding purpose, and beating self-sabotage to help you be the best you that you can be. The courses are taught by highly rated instructor Brandon Hakim (rated 4.4 stars out of five) of Insider School, a dedicated teacher aiming to pass on the knowledge they dont teach in schools.

The 2021 Productivity Master Class Bundle, featuring one year subscription of StackSkills Unlimited is currently on sale for $51.69, meaning each of the 12 included courses is only $4.30 a huge saving when you consider each included course is valued at $129.


Prices subject to change.

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Find a more productive you with this $52 master class bundle -

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