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Posted: January 9, 2021 at 3:55 am

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Review and Reinforce How you Support Your Agents Businesses Agents choose to affiliate with a real estate company for many reasons. It may be personality, market share, marketing, administrative support, sales training and tools, camaraderie, or any one of a number of other reasons. Whatever the reasons are, they all boil down to being the right fit for each agent, personally and professionally.

As brokers and managers, you need to repeatedly reinforce the reasons why being part of your company is in your agents best interest. This will provide two huge benefits: You will drive more sales by helping your agents take advantage of the support you provide, and you will increase retention through the success that creates and through your agents being reminded of your value.

Make and effort in January, both in group settings and with individual agents, to review the following three things concerning your value to them:

What they are already benefitting from: First and foremost, review the advantages that your agent receives by being part of your company and office. It is easy for both agents and managers to take things for granted once you are used to them, so you need to refocus on all the positives that your agents are receiving. Highlight your strengths, point out how they have benefitted or used them, and also remind them of your personal value, especially if you helped them win or save deals in the past year.

Additional benefits available: After going over the benefits already in use, talk about other ways that your agent or agents can take advantage of underutilized support. Talk about training you provide, marketing support, administrative support, online tools from prospecting and data management. Most companies have a large menu of support that inevitably contains valuable items not being used enough or properly. Pick a few that will help drive sales for your agents and help them incorporate them into their activities immediately.

Get feedback: After you review what you have, ask one more question: What else can we do that would most help you and your business? This question has two-fold importance. First, you may hear something that you can easily do (or sometimes already do or have available) to help your agent grow. Second, you will gain important feedback about what may be important to that agent that you havent provided. This is valuable information for retention purposes, so pay attention to what each of your agents are saying.

These discussions are important to have on a periodic basis anyway, but January is an especially opportune time to remind agents of all they ways that you do and can help them succeed in real estate. Remind them of your value, help them take advantage of it to drive new sales, and listen to what they want. Your agents businesses, and your own, will be on your way to greater success in 2021 if you do!

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Drive Sales and Retention by Highlighting Value -

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