Zareen Siddique is a fitness freak who helps women in maintaining health and fitness – The Statesman

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Zareen Siddique (@FitwithZareen) is defying the skinny is pretty look and advocating strong is healthy. At 45 years, she has a six-pack throughout the year through sheer discipline in exercise and diet. Fitness is a way of life for her. A mother of two and anArmy brat, positive persona she says is a gift from her parents. She believes that women dont have to give up on being fit post pregnancy and she trains women struggling post-delivery (especially C Section) to gain strength and fitness. A lot of lifestyle diseases can be reversed and managed through exercise and a suitable diet. It is a wonderful thing for women to take charge of their lives, she says.

She doesnt push weight loss in her trainees.

A runner and a yoga lover, Zareen combines different disciplines of exercise to tailor make workouts for her trainees. Her meal plans are popular for their simplicity and efficacy.Trainees from all over the world benefit from her Indian meal plans and workouts that make them love their daily dose of exercise. This coach walks her talk and pushes her own limits physically and mentally in her workouts that she posts on Instagram. The following she has on Instagram proves that shes a motivator and a positive influence on many lives.

This certified online nutrition and core fitness coach is an ardent runner. She also runs marathons on a regular basis. Among her other qualifications are a Reebok Group Fitness Certification, Master Function Training Certification, and a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Zareen specializes in post-pregnancy weight loss and fitness too. Besides, she is also a motivational coach and regularly interacts with women, encouraging them to make exercise a part of their daily lives. This, she insists, can be achieved by making small changes in diet and lifestyle.

It is no surprise that Zareens work also makes her a motivational coach to her clients. After all, it requires a lot of self-control and motivation to stay on the path of tough functional training and Zareen realizes how important it is to keep bucking up her clients through their daily rigors.

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Zareen Siddique is a fitness freak who helps women in maintaining health and fitness - The Statesman

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