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Top eight diets that celebrities swear by

When it comes to having a flawless form, celebrities seem to know their ways around it. Of course, this is mostly because famous icons have access to the best nutritionists and fitness trainers in the market, but many of them also like to share their secrets with their audience. While exercising is crucial to keeping yourself fit, this should be accompanied by the right diet that can nourish your body, as well as to help maintain its healthy weight. Here are some of the most promising diets that celebrities swear by:

The five-ingredient diet

Also known as the five-factor diet, this nutrition plan limits your calorie intake without severing ties with your favourite food. While some people may stop consuming bread, cheeses, or any other source of carbs, this has been proven to be inefficient as a long-term diet. Instead, the 5-factor diet allows you to create your own diet plan, however, you want, as long as it contains these five elements: Fluids, fat, protein and complex carbs. Accordingly, you should have five meals per day with only five ingredients in each dish.

Dr Nowzaradan diet

The Dr Nowzaradan diet allows you to consume everything you want, as long as you keep an eye on your overall calorie intake. Essentially, following this diet will cut down your calories from 2,000 to 1,200. If youre not familiar with this plan, you can visit this URL to read about it in more detail. In short, this diet can help you shed stubborn fat, as you only consume 1,200 calories, while your body needs 2,000 to function. This compels your body to use the stored fat in your body for fuel and thus you lose an impressive amount of weight in little time.

The Dukan diet

Although popular amongst celebrities, the Dukan diet is not recommended by nutritionists for long periods of time. This diet can be followed for a couple of months every now and again for rapid weight loss without compromising muscle mass. It comprises high-protein sources and low-calorie foods. That said, there are four phases to this diet: the first two are the most challenging to follow and theyre designed to shed stubborn fat, the last two stages can be a long-term plan as they contain more caloric intake.

Raw diet

While this diet helps you lose weight and stay in shape, most celebrities that follow it are more concerned about its anti-aging benefits. A Raw Diet contains unrefined foods that are preferably uncooked but can be heated to no higher than 118 degrees. This nutrition plan is mostly vegan, but raw eggs may also be consumed.

The keto diet

You must have already heard of this fad diet, which is followed by Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian. The plan works in precise percentages, where 75% of your meal should comprise fats, 20% should be protein and 5% should be carbs. This prompts your body to burn fat instead of carbs, which allows you to lose weight rapidly.

Mediterranean diet

This diet is not at all restrictive, but its popular amongst celebrities like Rachel Ray and Penelope Cruz. This plan contains plenty of fruits, legumes, whole-grain foods and any healthy sources of fat such as seafood. Celebrities who followed this diet have vouched for how much weight they were able to lose in little time, despite their diet including a delicious variety of healthy food.

Juice diet

With the name being quite self-explanatory, the juice diet allows you to consume your needed nutrients through only blended food and juices. According to recent studies, however, this diet is not recommended, especially for long periods of time. This is because the diet utilises lots of fruits, which can be very high in sugar.

The Paleo diet

Recently, this diet has gained popularity after Jessica Biel swore by how effective it was in helping her stay slim. This Paleo Nutrition Plan requires you to consume any foods that have existed for millions of years, which scratches all processed food off the list. This also means that followers of this diet cannot consume dairy, legumes or whole grains.

No matter how desperate you might be to lose weight, you should also follow a diet plan that you can stick to, rather than an unnecessarily strict one that you would eventually give up on. Your best bet is to follow a nutritious diet that does not entirely restrict your access to delicious meals but limits junk food. This will allow you to indulge in your favourite food without compromising your fitness plan. If you consistently follow these diets along with your exercise routine, you can look as stunning as your favourite celebrities in several months time.

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