Should You Exercise While On The HCG Diet?

Posted: August 8, 2018 at 5:43 pm

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When people start the HCG diet they tend to ask me several questions that everyone else asks me when starting.

And one of those questions is Can I or should I exercise while on the HCG diet?

This is a great question and must be addressed if you want to do the HCG diet safely and have success.

And the answer to that question varies depending on which stage you are on. Most people are asking if they should exercise while on the low calorie diet (LCD) phase of the diet.

And during the low calorie phase you should NOT be exercising. You can do some exercise which Ill get to in a minute, but first lets cover rigorous exercise.

You shouldnt be doing very hard workouts where you are sweating and exerting a lot of energy because your body is using calories to fuel your workouts. But since you are on a low calorie diet you dont have enough calories to fuel a hard workout. And you will be hungry and very weak if you try to exercise while on the LCD portion of the HCG diet.

Also, its just not necessary to exercise to lose weight on the HCG diet. Thats whats so nice about it! So even though Im sure most people dont like to stop their workouts, they should during the LCD phase of the HCG diet. Consider it a break and youll get back to your workouts soon.

Of course you can and should be walking. Some people recommend walking a mile a day while on the low calorie phase but I dont like to give an exact answer because its different depending on your level of needed weight loss, age, sex, etc. But do try and get out and walk.

Some people though have to physically exert themselves during the diet. Some people work hard physical labor jobs or even light physical labor jobs where they are lifting or walking long distances. In these cases the dieter should see how they feel the first week. If they feel weak or overly hungry they should consider adding in more protein to the diet. So instead of 3.5 ounces they should try 4 ounces and see how that helps. They should still be losing the weight quickly because they are burning off the extra protein with the extra physicality of their daily routine.

So that covers the low calorie phase so what about maintenance?

While on maintenance you SHOULD be working out. Because while on maintenance you can have more calories and eat larger meals that can supply your body with enough calories to work out. You just need to avoid sugar and starches.

Also, working out on maintenance helps implant new behaviors into your life that will help you keep the weight off forever. You will be toning and shaping your new trim figure and will also build muscle that will help you burn fat even when you arent working out.

All good things!

So avoid workouts if you can during the low calorie diet phase but start or resume your workout once you are on maintenance.

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Should You Exercise While On The HCG Diet?

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