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Posted: January 27, 2021 at 11:53 am

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These are challenging times, and we are being called to make decisions that not only affect our own lives, but the lives of others. To paraphrase a recent ad on television, Its not enough to do it alone, we must do it together. We have so many its today that we are often overwhelmed and dont know what decision to make. Part of that feeling is the impact our decisions have on others.

It is more and more evident that the world is at a crossroads: We can continue to work alone, or we can find new ways to work together. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the solution to a healthy world can only come when each person in the world is healthy and protected. We can only reach that goal by caring for and working for others, as well as for ourselves.

The many protests, here at home, and in other countries, are calling us to have patience with one another, to listen to each other, to find the truth of the issues, and come up with mutually beneficial and just solutions. We cannot do it alone. We must do it together with mindful cooperation and trust. Working together we can and will find solutions.

At times like this our deepest spiritual faith sustains us. It is the underlying resource for helping us make these important and sometimes difficult decisions. What are the teachings of our faith? What does our faith tell us about working together? How are we to work together? The answers to these questions and our willingness to follow them are more important than ever for the world to survive.

This crossroads we are at right now is no less than the shifting of the consciousness of the world to a higher spiritual level. All species evolve, they dont devolve. We cannot go backwards; we must go forwards. For humanity that means our consciousness must evolve from doing it alone to doing it together. It is a conscious shift in perspective from the good of the one to the good of all.

Humanity already has one great resource to help us move forward. That resource is found in all religions. It is one common truth the Golden Rule. The words may be expressed differently in each religion, but the meaning is the same. We are to treat others as we wish to be treated. It is no coincidence that this important and basic spiritual teaching has survived throughout the centuries to help us in this time.

The Golden Rule has always been a good basis for making decisions. Will this decision reflect how I want to be treated? Is this decision loving, kind and positive? If the decision does not meet these guidelines, its time to reconsider. And it works for small decisions as well as larger ones.

We celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr.s life this week and his passion for helping humanity evolve. He said, Its always the right time to do the right thing. He was not talking about the right that people expound upon when they want their own way. He was talking about the deeper meaning of the word right.

How do we know what is right? Websters Dictionary gives us this definition of the word: Something that is correct, just, proper and honorable. The Bible and other sacred scriptures explain that right is the truth of the divine working in consciousness. What is the truth of the divine? It is a knowingness about goodness found in the deepest part of our hearts, the sacred part. We often talk ourselves out of making the right decision. We reason, we bully, we insist, all the while trying to ignore what our sacred heart is telling us. And when we take action on that false decision, we usually suffer the consequences because we did not listen to the Voice of God.

We can no longer follow this old way. It is time for us to evolve and use our consciousness as God intended us to do. The Golden Rule can be our guide. Listening to the voice of God in our heart can direct us to right action. We are at the crossroads of humanitys evolution. We can either help each other to make the way easier or hinder the progress. There is no turning back. We must go forward prayerfully together with justice, honor, love, kindness, compassion and trust. The hope for the future is in our hands. Now is the right time to do the right thing.

Rev. Arlyn Macdonald is the senior minister of the Spiritual Awareness Center and Dean of the Spiritual Development Institute.

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