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The yachting and cruise industry contributes significantly to the pollution of the seas and oceans, even if it can be difficult to forget about it as you chill on board a private superyacht or an all-inclusive cruise. Exhaust emissions, noise, wastewater and solid waste are just some of the ways in which this means of travel contributes to an already severe problem: the degradation of the Earths waters.

The superyacht industry has already started taking notice of it and is working towards greener, more efficient vessels that ditch traditional means of propulsion and incorporate means to dispose of garbage and waste through recycling or reuse. The SY200 fits right in.

SY200 is just a concept for the time being, but given the boom in interest in greener means of travel, whether on water or on land, being commissioned to be built is probably a matter of time. Its name is derived from its impressive size: its 200 feet long and is meant to be the little sister of the SY300, Briands first in the family of self-sufficient performance yachts.

The SY200 is a stunner, as newly released renders reveal. More impressively, it comes with the performance of a racing yacht and no impact on the environment, because its powered entirely by wind.

Guest areas are available on both decks, and theres a huge skylight that covers 80 percent of the length of the vessel, providing shelter from the elements and natural light, along with a view of the carbon fiber mast above. The owners aft steering station is designed as a place for guests to socialize, but theres also a table seating 16 in the cockpit, protected by a hardtop.

Unlike many of todays superyachts, the SY200 doesnt feature a pool or expansive entertainment areas. But it more than makes up for that by being completely emissions-free: it sails by the power of wind thanks to the sloop sailing rig, which works in combination with the slightly inverted bow to deliver top hydrodynamic efficiency.

Underwater turbines can charge the batteries on board: Briand says the vessel will be fitted with a 20-metric ton battery bank, more than enough to power the entire ship.

When docked, the SY200 would power silently, using the energy generated while sailing and stored in the battery bank.

I believe we need to embrace lateral thinking when it comes to the future of sailing yacht design, Briand says of the new concept, as cited by Superyacht Times.

We want to work alongside owners to create the perfect renewable energy machine, using only wind, water and solar energy to run the yacht and provide an exceptional experience of peace on board and exploration of the sea, he adds.

Briand is convinced the SY200 would appeal to the eco-conscious seafarer, but he or she would have to be willing to sacrifice some of the luxuries of modern sailing in the process. While this concept superyacht stands out for its sleek and elegant design, the focus on its reduced carbon footprint and efficiency translate into fewer amenities than todays millionaire might expect on board such a vessel.

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Phillippe Briand SY200: The Performance of a Racing Yacht With Zero Emissions - autoevolution

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