Greta Van Fleet say their new album is the next step in the evolution of the sound of this band –

Posted: November 30, 2019 at 5:46 am

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Greta Van Fleet have said they are making headway with their new album.

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Frontman Josh Kiszka revealed that the band have been working on the follow up to their 2018 LP Anthem Of The Peaceful Army debut since the summer.

For about two months in the heart of the summer of this year we really poured everything into the writing and recording, and were hoping that sometime earlier next year well be able to put it out. Were super excited about it, he told Kerrang.

Their first album scored three stars with the NME describing it as: This head-banging, Led Zep-indebted collection of rock songs might not change the world, but itll at least give yer head a little wobble.

They previously refuted claims that that they were a Led Zeppelin rip-off.Its being said over and over, and I think its one of the greatest compliments that could ever be given to a young band like ourselves. Theyre arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, so that is humbling and inspiring and honorable, in that sense, guitarist Jake Kiszka telling FaceCulture.

But I think that weve become more conscious of the similarities, because its been said, and I think weve taken some time to go back and almost identify with it. Oh, its interesting, because there is a lot of those commonalities.

Now Kiszka said of the new album: Honestly, the way that we approach our music is that were writing it for anybody who has any reason to listen to it.

Were creating something simply for the sake of making a work of art that were proud of, that we ourselves like to listen to. I dont think we set out to prove anything, particularly, but to point out some things about the world and our society. There are some of those elements to this album. And its the next step I think, in the evolution and the sound of this band.

The band released new single, Always There earlier this year. The song comes from the soundtrack of the movie A Million Little Pieces, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, which hits cinemas in December.

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Greta Van Fleet say their new album is the next step in the evolution of the sound of this band -

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