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Look at this video and see what Skip is up to with his old friend Rick Lewis! Kickoff 2014 with 7 days of interactive sessions as they challenge you to make lasting changes in your life. Take a look at this video and go sign up at http://www.BreakARule.com to be a part of this amazing free opportunity!

Change is inevitable Are you READY? Skip and Kristine Lackey will be offering a NEW workshop that will give you a change in perspective on your life. Its time to STOP and realize where you have been Take stock in where you are now and move in the direction of your purpose with passion! Join us for this NEW exciting weekend!!

Learn how specialized Guided Imagery, Meditations and Guided Introspections can eliminate STRESS, boost yourimmune system and optimize your overall wellness! Just what the DOCTOR ordered!

more then 6 million Americans a year are advised meditation by conventional health care providers Harvard Medical School, May 2011

Recordings are all here!

Every Wednesday morning from March 27th-May 29th Join Skip and Kristine Lackey for a 10-week exploration of your relationships. They will share their keys to creating conscious relationships in ALL areas of life from dating, marriage, family and even business! Drop your mask and stand naked in the truth of who you REALLY are! Learn more here!

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Evolution Unlimited | Resolve to Evolve

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