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Posted: December 22, 2019 at 6:41 am

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(Courtesy of Kill Cliff CBD)

This article is brought to you by Kill Cliff, making all-natural CBD beverages for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

When evolution is the name of the game, brands creating innovative products have to make sure they are jam-packed with differentiators that prompt consumers to select something new.Kill Cliff CBD beveragesare the result of the companys efforts to provide customers with something new, while achieving an effect that feels good to even the cleanest eaters or biggest gym buffs.

(Courtesy of Kill Cliff CBD)

With consumers buying out their products in the southeast US, Kill Cliff wants to spread the word about their commitment to creating quality products for consumers in all 50 states.

The vast majority of the CBD beverages on the market today do nothing more than deliver CBD to consumers in a simple format like water, tea, coffee, and cola. By contrast, weve drawn from a decade of experience to create a product that helps the body perform and recover, says COO and Navy SEAL veteran, John Timar. We were a beverage company first and are now extending our portfolio with drinks that include CBD. Thats the exact opposite of most beverage companies in the CBD industry.

Theres no chicken or the egg dilemma here. These drinks were Kill Cliffs destiny.

To develop a full line of beverages and convince the masses what they could do, Kill Cliff had to identify their must-have ingredients for performance and flavor. First, hemp-derived cannabidiol.

Putting hemp in a product such as ours adds a layer of complexity that we take head-on. Kill Cliff CBD utilizes CO2 extraction, which is widely recognized as a clean and highly effective method for hemp extraction while offering longer-term survivability of the hemp emulsion put into our Kill Cliff CBD product, says VP of Ops & Innovation and former collegiate athlete, Jerry Barker.

Once the CBD is taken care of, they focused on the rest of the drink, which still needs to taste good and appeal to a health-conscious audience.Kill Cliff aspires to create natural drinks that taste as good as popular soft drink flavors, while utilizing all-natural ingredients.

(Courtesy of Kill Cliff CBD)

When we formulate our products, we know that CBD isnt the only important ingredient. We focus on using plant extracts and vitamins that your body needs, and we obtain them from sources that consumers would feel good about in naturally-derived flavors and colors. While it makes it more challenging and limits us in our ability to create flavors, it makes us who we are and solidifies our commitment to giving our consumers natural products, says Barker. Additionally, we do not use sugar in any of our products and focus on utilization of natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit.

For an energetic kick, Kill Cliff infuses their broad-spectrum beverages with an impactful dose of B vitamins, providing anyone who uses it with a non-caffeinated boost. The creation of these formulas wasnt for anyone specific, but the company was definitely inspired by their past.

Amidst their efforts to branch out to new audiences, Kill Cliff will never forget their origins. A huge factor of brand validation that Kill Cliff has experienced is the warm reception by a group of Americas most athletic service members, the Navy SEALs. The positive reactions were meaningful to the founders, who are SEALs themselves.

The burdens of combat are huge, and suicides are at a record high among veterans right now, says John. Whether it is through inspirationalcontentor products to help people live healthier, we seek to support those who support us. Weve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our CBD products by both military veterans and police departments across the country.

(Courtesy of Kill Cliff CBD)

Supporting the bodies of those with the worlds most arduous jobs is a task that Kill Cliff takes seriously. Proceeds from every sale go to the Navy SEAL Foundation, totaling nearly one million dollars todate. Once they saw the differences their products made for members of the military, it was a no-brainer that Kill Cliff CBD beverages could cater to all types of athletes if they just got the word out.

CBD has a place now and in the future in optimizing human performance. We are already sending monthly shipments to top-tier pro athletes because our products are in high demand with people that train and workout regularly, he says. Whether youre a football player, professional athlete, in the military, or love to hit the slopes with your family, we endeavor to innovate purposeful products to support health and wellness in different usage occasions throughout the day.

With a community-based foundation and formulas theyre willing to bet on, Kill Cliff is enlisting distributors and rapidly growing in new local and regional markets, proving you dont have to be a SEAL to feel like one.

Their broad-spectrum CBD products may have already spiked in popularity with one group of people, but theyre made to be enjoyed by anyone that wants to experience the impact of CBD on their body including gym members, league athletes, and bodybuilders. With less caffeine than a soda and 25mg of CBD derived from 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, Kill Cliff is letting any newcomers know precisely what they are putting in their bodies.

(Courtesy of Kill Cliff CBD)

As a national brand embracing this ingredient, we seek to validate CBD and its efficacy for the general population, including those who need more than a product for good vibes during social occasions. One of our objectives in entering the CBD industry is to help create legitimacy in the eyes of the skeptic. We pride ourselves in our transparency at every level. From product packaging and labeling to lab tests of our products, all of our information is straightforward and immediately accessible for the consumer, says John.

We are educating our consumers, and we intend to continue to push the envelope in driving general acceptance for CBD in professional sports and the military.CBD is a powerful ingredient, and were committed to making reputable products for the communities we serve.





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By veterans, for veterans: the rise of Kill Cliff CBD beverages - Leafly

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