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Broad brush

This is in response to the May 24, 2020 letter from Michael Boyle, who suggests that all Republicans are knuckle dragging lemmings who are concerned about transgender people and not about property and grocery taxes. Wow, I did not know that I felt that way. Mr. Boyle paints with a broad and very biased brush. The transgender issue is probably regarding the governors veto of a bill relating to a transgender bill regarding boys and girls athletics in the public school system. Is it fair to have someone transition from a boy to a girl and compete against girls? Of course not, any more that a girl becoming a boy and being unable to adequately compete against the boys. Maybe there should be a category for transgender students alone. That would keep it fair for all concerned. And, to say that Republicans are not interested in the increase of taxes is, quite bluntly, uninformed. Another broad brush example. The one thing I did take away from Mr. Boyles letter is to understand gender selection. There appear to be two new genders where I am a knuckle dragging lemming Republican while Mr. Boyle is a fruitcake.

William Logsdon Sr., Boise


Maybe it would be a good idea to show people wearing masks rather than people not! Your article on masks and deaf people shows the woman and her daughter at the mall with no masks. What kind of an example is that for all those people that I am seeing without masks. I dont like masks either but I wear them because I care about everyone else around me!

Joyce Harrison, Boise


Who would have thought a sitting President could turn-out to be so entertaining? Of course that is predicated on being home bound during the pandemic and finding little to amuse myself. Being a certified senior citizen, I recall the early years of television when Uncle Miltee, Bozo the Clown, and Howdy Dowdy would work their magic to lighten my childhood. But now my adult life is burdened with a very different brand of comedian. I am sure Mr.Trump must spend hours conjuring-up tweet presentations to generate laughter. But, at some point, I hope he will turn his attention to serious matters afflicting my daily life. Only then will there be a chance to find solutions. (I am hopeful)

Michael Miller, Boise


Do you think it is right for Governor Little to draw a paycheck while he is denying so many Idahoans the opportunity to work?

Pembroke Rathbone, Marsing


Flooding and natural disasters like the earthquake Idaho recently experienced and the projected busy hurricane season in the South could have a devastating compounding impact in communities while also suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress needs to continue the important work being done to increase investments in natural disaster mitigation now, so we are better prepared in the future.

One proposal being discussed in Congress would establish a revolving fund to provide states with low-interest loans for flood mitigation projects. Planning is critical in mitigating damage caused by natural disasters. The National Institute of Building Sciences found that, on average, every $1 invested in disaster mitigation saves $6 in disaster costs.

We are fortunate that the recent earthquake in Idaho did not cause major infrastructural damage during this challenging time and that this year it appears that we are not at high risk for runoff or flooding in our river and low-lying areas. However, in the future, we might not be as fortunate. I urge Senator Crapo and others in our Congressional delegation to consider this proposal to ensure we are prepared for the future.

James Manning, Caldwell


Lazy Patriotism. I write this letter on the Friday before Memorial Day. A day set aside to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of liberty and freedom. Idaho in particular is a patriotic state. Folks here love to display the flag on their homes and businesses as an act of patriotism. But the display of our countrys flag should not be a lazy act whereby we set it and forget it. This week Gov. Little issued a proclamation declaring that flags should be flown at half staff until Sat. May 23 at midnight in honor of Wyatt Maser the Bonneville County Sheriffs deputy who was killed in the line of duty. President Trump has ordered the flag at half staff on May 24 for victims of Covid-19 and May 25 for Memorial Day. For those who have a flag on permanent display at their homes or businesses, please pay attention to proper flag etiquette and the orders of our state and national leaders. It saddens me to see a worn out, tattered flag, or a flag at full staff when it should be lowered on these special occasions. Those we honor by flying the flag deserve nothing less than the full respect that comes when the rules are followed. Let us be characterized as a people who are diligent in how we display the national colors, not by being lazy and failing to follow those orders for display at half staff.

Bill Nichols, Caldwell


Last weekend I came out of my house to approx. 13 Sheriffs cars in front of my house and down the street. I learned that they were there since approx. 4:30 am to break up a party. I also was told that guns were drawn. I was waiting for more info from your paper but found nothing. Any reply?

Mike Prunk, Star

Makes sense

Tommy Ahlquist, in his guest commentary on Tuesday, asks some great Why nots? He advocates fighting our common enemy, COVID-19 and abandoning our useless political rhetoric which is sucking up all the oxygen. He asks Why not wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and cough in our sleeves? This horrific pandemic gave us all an opportunity to unify against a common enemy and instead we have injected politics into the battle against the virus. I read his commentary as I sat outside of an automobile dealership in Nampa because I saw NO ONE wearing a mask and there was little, if any, observable social distancing. I sat outside because I didnt feel safe going into the building. The service advisor recognized my discomfort and was very kind and I appreciate that. But, why are businesses and citizens alike not following recommendations to mask, social distance, and in general, exhibit concern for each other. It only takes one person who has the virus without knowing it to recklessly endanger everyone they come into contact with by not wearing a mask or by keeping some social distance. Its not that hard. It might be what we need to do to get our economy going again, bring back jobs, open schools, keep people out of the hospital. We need to do it to buy time before a vaccine is available. Isnt that worth it? Thanks for printing Dr. Ahlquists column. He makes a lot of sense.

Susan Fillman, Meridian


I want to thank and commend those businesses that show they care not only for their employees but also for their customers by requiring their employees wear masks and installing shields between the cashiers and customers. I especially want to thank shops that require customers wear a mask also. Shops that require their employees wear a mask are sending a message that is loud and clear: We care about our employees and our customers health.

Jean Weingartner, Boise

Speak out

I have asked this before, and I will ask it again. What will it take of our Congressmen in Washington to stand up to Trump and his lies? Their job is the fight for us, not to tow the party line. Romney, Cherney, and even Ann Coulter have spoken out against Trump lately. His recent Tweet accusing Joe Scarbourough in the tragic death of his Congressional aide back in 2001 is not only unfounded, but has caused undo anguish to her grieving widow. His fight to crush voting rights, by pushing to stop mail in ballots, is a blow to our democracy. Its also humorous, because he himself voted by absentee ballot. I am asking every Idahoan who loves this country, to speak out. Write your Congressmen, and if you dont get a satisfactory answer, use your voting rights, and replace them, and Trump with someone who will fight for the good of this country! Trump, Crapo, Risch, Simpson, and Fulcher are not doing their job!

Michal Voloshen, Boise


Our country currently has the highest number of unemployed Americans since the Great Depression. While many of the 33 million workers who have filed for unemployment since the coronavirus crisis began expect to be rehired, many jobs will not come back. The solution? We take this time as an opportunity to rebuild our country with a long-overdue investment in our infrastructure. Infrastructure put 1930s America back to work. With lower educational barriers to entry, these jobs teach in-demand skills that pay livable wages. They offer family-sustaining salaries, mobile career paths and health benefits that are now more important than ever. We need that here in Idaho, where infrastructure improvements are long overdue and thousands are waiting to get back to work. By investing in Americas infrastructure, we will not only provide millions of people with jobs, we will keep our country competitive.

Joe Maloney, Filer


I want to thank and commend those businesses that show they care not only for their employees but also for their customers by requiring their employees wear masks and installing shields between the cashiers and customers. I especially want to thank shops that require customers wear a mask also. Shops that require their employees wear a mask are sending a message that is loud and clear: We care about our employees and our customers health.

Jean Weingartner, Boise


I am very embarrassed for the United States.

Thanks! You'll start receiving the headlines tomorrow!

First, we allow our nation to be shut mostly down because of a virus, the Wuhan Virus that only kills 3.5 % of those that contract it.

If people would have, once they discovered that they might have the symptoms, stayed at home, rested, then rest some more, hydrate, take two Bayer aspirins and then return to work or school once the virus had run its course.

But no!

Every aspect of life had/has been either curtailed or completely shut down for waay too long.

The paranoia and bat feces crazy over-reaction by the millions of germaphobes in this country is almost comical.

You would swear that they think that if they were to catch this virus it would mean certain death!


Governor Little handled this all too wrong, he should have trusted the individual business owners to use their best judgement as far as what procedures to use in order to insure safety to their employees and patrons.

Instead, we get treated like school children who need the government to tell us what we must do.

Fast forward to last weeks unintentional death in a Minneapolis neighborhood of george floyd, who resisted arrest from the time that he refused to get up from a sitting position on the sidewalk to not turning around when he was first told to so that the officers could get their handcuffs on him.

Millions of people make their expert analyses based upon what they observed with the officers knee upon the SIDE of floyds neck.

Of course few people are going to wait for the police cam videos to reveal what happened once floyd was walked to the police car and around.

Now what does Minneapolis get? Destroyed and pillaged buildings and mayhem.

Doug Sweaney, Caldwell


Load Your Thinker, They Think Outside the Box

Boise is planning to test its sewage for COVID-19. The USPHS used it to detect polio virus in the Ohio River after the mass vaccine programs in the 1950s and 1960s. I used it in 1964 to prove pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella) in the lower Boise River which led to its clean up and the current recreational status it has now.

Oh yes, the box. Resources permitting, I would start drilling sampling collection holes in the sewage effluent pipes of each school and test for COVID-19, opioids, and fentanyl. The data would focus on prevention efforts and guide future collections. Your suggestions for additional boxes?

Fritz Dixon, Meridian

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