Conspiracy Theory1 day ago Drudge Report has hemorrhaged 28% of its traffic in four months – NOQ Report

Posted: December 14, 2019 at 10:41 pm

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What was once essentially impossible now seems to be happening right before our eyes. Drudge Report, the news aggregator that dominated the internet for two decades, has been losing traffic for five consecutive monthswith November marking a 28% reduction in traffic in just the last four.

Most attribute the loss of over 27 million monthly visitors since a peak in July to the anti-Trump shift the site has taken. Once a staunch Trump supporter, the sudden shift in narrative has caused speculation that Matt Drudge has quietly sold the site. Further speculation along the same lines points to Chinese, North Korean, or Iranian parties as having taken over the site with a very secretive deal in place, though these rumors are unconfirmed. (Editors Note: As the author states, these are unconfirmed rumors, as in nothing backing them whatsoever. I allowed inclusion of this point only because theres no evidence that theyre not true. Drudge has been acting strangely enough that even though its unlikely, its still plausible.)

During the 2016 election cycle, Drudge Report was an early and unflinching supporter of candidate Trump. All the way until shortly after the election, the front page constantly promoted candidate Trump while dogging on his GOP competitors during the primaries and Hillary Clinton during the general election. But things have changed. The site now highlights negative press and seemingly links only to left-leaning mainstream media publications for takes on anything pertaining to the White House.

One rumor floated is that Drudge has been unhappy with the Presidents inability to build the wall. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is another former Trump sycophant who turned against the President over illegal immigration. Like Drudge, Coulters influence has been waning in conservative circles. There have been strong Drudge Report alternatives popping up recently to replace Drudge for Trump supporters.

Whatever has gotten into Drudge, its not helping his bottom line (unless the rumors are true and its DEFINITELY helping his bottom line). More importantly, its no longer a benefit for America to have Drudge Report persist with its influence.

Editors Note #2: Of all the conspiracy theories surrounding Drudge, one important note to add anecdotally is that the few times Ive visited the site recently, I havent seen a change in style. This is important to understand because Matt Drudges style has always been unique in the way he handles headlines, picks stories, and roots for the Patriots. Ive always been able to tell when it was him directly versus someone working for him who crafts headlines, and nothing in that regard has changed. I believe Drudge is still in control. He just hates President Trump now for some reason.

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Conspiracy Theory1 day ago Drudge Report has hemorrhaged 28% of its traffic in four months - NOQ Report

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