Ann Coulter: Q & A on the Wuhan Virus – Breitbart

Posted: May 2, 2020 at 11:47 pm

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As you can well imagine, my mailbox has been overflowing with questions about the coronavirus from precisely ZERO readers. So I decided to write my own questions. I know this is what youwouldbe asking if you were not standing in line, outside, 6 feet apart, to purchase a quart of milk.

What do you think of the medias coverage of the Wuhan virus?

Its like a nonstop War of the Worlds broadcast, which in 1938 panicked more than a million Americans into believing Martians had landed in New Jersey, sending people fleeing to the mountains, loading their shotguns and barricading their homes. And that was a single radio broadcast!

Today we have nearly all of media which I notice are doing fantastically well during the crisis terrifying the public about an apparently indestructible, omnipresent virus.

You dont think the China virus is as dangerous as they say?

Well, it is a virus capable of eliminating all human life, which would be bad, but notallbad because then youd never have to see another TV commercial with some company saying they consider you family.

So you think its safe to start lifting the stay-at-home orders?

Of course. I ask again: What was the purpose of telling everyone to stay home? Arent we all Wuhan-free now? More than 90 percent of the country has been self-quarantining for more than a month. Either we had it and didnt know it, or never had it at all. But in any eventwe dont have it now.

Or was that whole stay-at-home mandate just for fun?

What about threats of a resurgence?

Luckily the hospitals are half-empty, waiting for the gusher of coronavirus patients.

So we do nothing?

No, not at all, but now that 90 percent of us are Wuhan-free, these are the only things we need to do:

1) A real immigration moratorium, like this country had from 1924 to 1965. (Id also recommend that the other 49 states shut down flights from New York, but Ill leave that up to them);

2) Concentrate all protections on the elderly/immunocompromised;

3) No more handshaking, and liberal use of surgical masks in confined spaces.

Other than that, WERE DONE NOW.

But we know virtually nothing about this virus: why it kills, what stops it, how its transmitted.

Actually, we know one very important thing: By total serendipity, the Wuhan virus mostly kills people over the age of 70. Nearly 80 percent of all coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are of people over 70 years old.

What about Italy?

About 80 percent of the dead were over 70.

That sounds a little callous.

Not at all. Its a stroke of good luck! Wed be lucky if the virus targetedanyspecific group the nearsighted, left-handers, golfers because that would allow us to concentrate protections on that one group.

But its doubly good news because the Wuhan targets people who are mostly out of the workforce anyway. And we already have their names and addresses! How about the feds send a box of masks along with Social Security checks every month?

How will you get Democratic governors to go along with that?

Liberals can triple down on all their fascist stuff as long as its limited to the vulnerable.

Over 65? You need a note from the governor to leave your home!

Fine! But let the rest of us get back to work.

Why havent they done this already?

Because that wouldnt have the effect of wrecking the economy before the election.

Apart from the election, why would the media want to impoverish the nation?

1) Reporting on disasters is fun!

2) Their ratings are terrific and, of course,theyrestill being paid.

3) Liberals enjoy controlling people, especially with enragingly nonsensical rules.

I thought Trump was the authoritarian!

No, hes the lazy, narcissistic blowhard.Liberalsare the authoritarians.

The shutdown is airport security for the whole country. Nineteen Muslim immigrants flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and suddenly little old ladies from Oklahoma had to be goosed at airports.We have to be safe!

A horrible Chinese virus sweeps the planet, which is devastating to older people but virtually harmless to the young and the entire country has to be shut down.We have to be safe!

What about polls showing a majority of Americans want to keep the restrictions in place?

The media have frightened gullible suburban woman into a state of hysteria. (Talk about whipping up your ignorant base!) Kids could basically mainline coronavirus and theyd be fine. But soccer moms dont want their kids going back to school.

Whether its rational or not, people arent going to go out like they used to.

My entire life, liberals have said, Dont like abortion? Dont have one. Dont like pornography? Dont look at it. And so on.

I say: Dont want to leave your home? Dont leave your home!

So you recommend going out again?

Sure, whats the worst that could happen? Sure, you could die, but you probably wont.


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Ann Coulter: Q & A on the Wuhan Virus - Breitbart

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