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Posted: May 26, 2020 at 8:48 pm

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Former presidential candidate Julin Castro has a convincing theory about why Everyone Hates Ted Cruz.

In Episode 11 of The New Abnormal, The Daily Beasts podcast for a world gone off the rails, Castro talks to co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson about Trumps chances to take Texas in 2020 (not great!), Joe Bidens you aint black comment (also not great!), and sycophantic fellow Texan Ted Cruz (even worse!). Remember when Trump insulted Sen. Cruzs family members? Yeah, everyone does.

If somebody goes to your face and insults your wife and your father and then you just go over like a dog, people start to think that youre totally insincere, Castro says.

Plus, Castro explains how Latinos are the key to getting Trump out of office and why he thinks Biden has a shot at winning over Democrats and independents alike: They want sanity back.

Then! Rick and Molly discuss Trumps amazing workout regimen, the chlamydia vs. COVID smackdown in the Ozarks, and golfs new turn as the dumbest of MAGA signifiers.

Theres this idea that because youve been locked up for a certain period of time with your family and your pets, that the whole thing is over and its very Trumpy. This idea of were good, were back to work, everythings on. Its all done.

And of course, the two discuss Trump tweeting a conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough, aka, turning something absurd into a reality for the stupid.

Plus! Welcome to the resistance, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and Ann Coulter! (J/K, youre both awful racists.)

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Julin Castro on Why Everyone Hates Ted Cruz - The Daily Beast

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