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An 11 minute documentary film Jayjatra made on August 15, 1947 in Kolkata will be shown along with other exhibits at a unique exhibition titled Call for Freedom at Gorky Sadan.

The exhibition has been organised by Kinjal and Russian Centre of Science and Culture in association with Forum for Collectors, Sri Aurobindo Bhavan and Arora Films Corporation.

The short film was made by Arora Film Corporation and the script was read by Birendra Krishna Bhandra. A very rare and historic documentary made on August 15, 1947 was shot in Kolkata. It captured the moods of people and their reaction.

An edition of Time Magazine of 1937 whose cover story was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose will be on display at the exhibition. There will be a number of rarely known letters written by Surendranath Banerjee, Hemchandra Kanungo, a disciple of Aurobindo Ghose, Annie Besant, M N Roy and Barin Ghosh. A biography of Pritilata Waddededar by Ganesh Ghosh, one of the fighters of Chittagong Armoury Raid will b displayed. The original photographs of some freedom fighters will be on display too. Some exhibits from the archive of Sri Aurobindo Bhavan will be exhibited.

People began to boycott foreign goods during the proposal to Partition Bengal in 1905 and several entrepreneurs came forward to set up "Swadeshi" industry particularly matchboxes, clothes and medicines. The labels fixed on those products contained slogans on nationalism and some of the labels will be exhibited. There will be an interesting section which will display books that were requisitioned by the freedom fighters while in Hijli and Cellular jails. Posters of films on freedom movement along with the lobby cards will be exhibited too.

There will be enamel boards containing advertisements, coins, records, bags and newspapers clippings and cuttings on freedom movement. Invitation cards of Swadeshi melas which were held to sell Indian goods along with dolls on freedom movement made of porcelain will be exhibited.

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This I-Day, travel back to days of freedom movement at Gorky Sadan - Millennium Post

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