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A tribute to Sri Aurobindo on the anniversary of His Mahasamadhi Day - December 5.12.1950"MorningPrayer"Om Sri Aurobindo MiraOpen my mind, my heart, my lifeOpen my mind, my heart, my lifeTo your Light,Your Love,Your Power,In All things May I see The Divine.Sri Aurobindo - 16.07.1938

Music composed and performed by Americo Piaggesi - AmeveilSpecial thanks to:Henri Tournier : BasseFabien Tournier : DrumsVideo Editing: MusauraFor more Spiritual composition please follow this

Sri Aurobindo gave this mantra to one sadhaka who requested Him a short prayer with the names of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This was the answer: " I have written for you a brief prayer with the names in form of a mantra. I hope it will help you to overcome your difficulty and get an inner foundation." In receiving this mantra, the Sadhaka asked: "Do I have to consider the two names and the prayer as a single mantra?". Sri Aurobindo answered: "Yes".

Below the translations, in Italian and French, of the simple and inspired lyric:

"Om Sri Aurobindo MiraAprite la mia mente, il mio cuore e la mia vita alla vostra Luce,al vostro Amoree al vostro Potere.In tutte le cose, possa io vedere il Divino"

"Om Sri Aurobindo MiraOuvre mon esprit, ouvre mon coeur, ouvre ma vie a ta LumireA ton AmourA ton PouvoirQu'en toute chose je puisse voir le Divin."

"The only way to come a little closer to Him (Sri Aurobindo) is to love Him sincerely and give oneself unreservedly to His work. In that way, each one does his best and contributes as much as he can to the transformation of the world which Sri Aurobindo has predicted" The Mother 5,12, 1950.

Om Namo Bhagavat

May His light guide us in our research of the Truth and the Divine.

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Sri Aurobindo's Mantra - Morning Prayer December 5.12.2017 ...

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