The Lives of Sri Aurobindo: Peter Heehs: 9780231140980 …

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All students and scholars of Sri Aurobindo will find this extraordinary book most rewarding... Essential. (CHOICE)

A great biography... a doorway into [Sri Aurobindo's] extraordinary spiritual philosophy and vision. (EnlightenNext)

It is engagingly written and supported by a bounty of historical materials. Students of India with little familiarity of Aurobindo will discover that Heehs offers a multisided portrait of a brilliant and enigmatic man whose lifetime spanned a momentous period in modern Indian history... (Hanna H. Kim H-Asia)

The book's strength is Heehs' deep understanding of modern India, which gives him an edge in perceptively situating Aurobindo within the context of Indian national movement. (Vijendra Singh Contemporary South Asia)

...meticulously reported and scrupulously footnoted... (Yoga Journal)

Heehs has succeeded magnificently; The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is quickly becoming the biography for academics. (AntiMatter)

Heehs' work is an epic effort to encompass the outer and inner life of a personality, who seems to defy all definitions and boundaries, written with the intention of making him comprehensible to the scholarly mind of our times. I believe this book to be eminently successful (Debashish Banerji Sophia)

A formidable piece of scholarship. (Antony Copley Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society)

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The Lives of Sri Aurobindo: Peter Heehs: 9780231140980 ...

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