What Taunton’s leaders have learned from 2020 that they’ll carry into 2021 – Taunton Daily Gazette

Posted: January 3, 2021 at 12:53 pm

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TAUNTON After a difficult year, there's much to have learned about ourselves and our world. We spoke to Taunton leaders about their takeaways from 2020 and what they will carry with them into 2021.

"It was a year of uncertainty, true vulnerability and fundamental lessons about health and life. I became more vigilant of the world we live in and that this time that the 'lockdown'was a time to create a new narrative, a wake-up call. Life isnt a competition, but society has conformed many individuals to live for incentives and selfish rewards. Thats not working for us internally, locally, nationally and globally.

Self care is a priority not a privilege.Now more than ever, kids need love. Practice mindfulness, re-evaluate often, reform, learn and apply.

Life is filled with frustration, pain, loss, and unpredictable actions of others. You can't change that, but you can change what you allow in your space.You can have a seat at any table, if you work for it."

"The pandemic has taught us that there is much to be thankful for in our normal everyday lives that we may sometimes take for granted. Connection to friends, family, coworkers, and even the folks you just see in passing. Things can change in an instant, and we should take all of the opportunities we have to love, appreciateand give thanks for all that we have. We have also learned that it is vital for individuals and employers alike to be able to adapt to meet different circumstances while still being able to prioritize physical and mental health."

"In these unprecedented times, I have often been struck by how so many have selflessly stepped forward to help others, and the importance of those whose jobs have been deemed 'essential;'our health care and front-line public safety workers, our teachers, store employees and delivery drivers, among others.So to all those who have sacrificed to help their kids learn remotely, who have resorted to video or phone calls rather than face to face meetings with their loved ones, and our small business owners who have borne much of the brunt of our shutdowns.God bless us, everyone!'

"The greatest lesson Ill take from this year is that anything is possible when you work together and believe in one another. As weve all faced many unique challenges during these unprecedented times, Ive been so fortunate to witness firsthand the incredible amount of compassion, camaraderie and perseverance that is shared by our staff at Morton Hospital. Theyve united as one to provide exceptional care to those who needed us most this year, and they continue to inspire me every day. Im so proud of our team. We are #MortonStrong and we look forward to caring for our community in the New Year.We are in this together and together, anything is possible….#WeAreMorton"

"2020 has been a year of great challenges for the entire world. However, I can say that one of the things we were able to learn from all this is how to improve our family relationships, before it is too late. Enjoy life to the fullest and thank God for what we have. Many have lost everything they had and are in shelters, others are crying for loved ones, and many others in a financial crisis, but we need to move on.

Therefore, let's live it as if today were the last day,let's love our family and those around us with all our might, because we don't know how long they will last, andlet's love God above all things because he is a strong tower and help in times of crisis."

"I discovered the need for flexibility.The pandemic forced us to change the way we operate, but has not stopped the church from functioning.We are online more, observing precautions constantly and we learned to Zoom!

A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people.I am thankful for all who went beyond the call of duty. I have a strong sense that God has sustained me, and all of us, during 2020, and promises to walk with us into the New Year!"

"Like everyone else I have had to adjust to restrictions that 2020 has placed on my accustomed way of life. The pandemic has shown me what it feels like to be deprived of things I enjoy. Zoom connects me to family, friends, work and community. A reasonable accommodation but I miss the hugs.

I have learned to recognize the things over which I have control and not waste time trying to change what I cannot; to focus on the way I respond to the world that makes me happy; to appreciate what I already have and to take nothing for granted."

"2020 has certainly been a year of challenges. We've lost much and have plenty to grieve. We also worked together and learned much. Most importantly, we learned a new definition of 'essential.'Minimum wage workers who make sure we have food and other necessities; nurses, doctors and social workers who face overwhelming numbers needing life saving care; teachers who continue to re-invent education on the fly and so many others who help us get through our days with a bit of normalcy they put their health and safety at risk. Theirwork emerged as essential. We must remember their contributions and their sacrifices."

What Taunton's leaders have learned from 2020 that they'll carry into 2021 - Taunton Daily Gazette

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