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Learn about going to small claims court, using instructions and guides to help you with your case. Also learn about trying toresolve your dispute out of court, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

BasicsReview general information about small claims court and cases.And figure out if small claims is right for your situation using helpful resources. Click for an online program that willprovideinformation aboutsmall claimscases.This informationcan help you decide if small claims is right for you, show you how to resolve your case without going to court, and more.

Small Claims Cases

Research Your CaseResearch the type of case you have so you can be better prepared when you go to court.

Collect Your JudgmentLearn how to collect the judgment if you win, using tools and instructions on how to work with the other side to get paid.

Pay the JudgmentFind ways to pay your judgment if you lost your small claims case including working out payment arrangements and payment plans.

Appeal the Small Claims JudgmentThis section gives you information on if and how to appeal the small claims judgment.

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Small Claims Court - California Courts - Home

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