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New items are available at the Hancock County Public Library.

The following items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. For more information on the librarys collection or to reserve a title, visit

Adult Fiction

The Book of V. by Anna Solomon

Suzanne Falter's book encourage women to take care of themselves amid a busy life. submitted

"The Book of V" examines the lives of three women over time to determine how things have changed -- or not changed. submitted

Three women: Lily, Vivian and Esther.

Lily is a mother and a daughter, a second wife and maybe a writer. Or she was going to be, before she had children. Now, in her rented Brooklyn apartment shes grappling with her sexual and intellectual desires, while also trying to manage her roles as a mother and a wife in 2016. Vivian Barr seems to be the perfect political wife, dedicated to helping her charismatic and ambitious husband find success in Watergate-era Washington D.C. But one night, he demands a humiliating favor, and her refusal to obey changes the course of her life and the lives of others. Esther is a fiercely independent young woman in ancient Persia, where she and her uncles tribe live a tenuous existence outside the palace walls. When an innocent mistake results in devastating consequences for her people, she is offered up as a sacrifice to please the King, in the hopes that she will save them all. In author Anna Solomons The Book of V., the lives of these three characters overlap and ultimately collide, illuminating how womens lives have and have not changed over thousands of years.

Adult Nonfiction

The Extremely Busy Womans Guide to Self-Care: Do Less, Achieve More, and Live the Life You Want, by Suzanne Falter

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine your perfect day. What if that perfect day was every day? Youre probably doing a lot: taking care of your family, killing it at your job, volunteering, organizing, scheduling and delegating. At the end of all of that, do you have any time or energy left to take care of the most important person: you? If you are ready to step out of feelings of frenzy, guilt, stress and overwhelm, this is the perfect book to guide you on that journey with simple steps you can take each day to improve your self-care. Self-care movement leader and author Suzanne Falter gets it. In fact, she lived the life that every woman today feels expected to lead, chasing career goals while balancing the commitment of raising a family. But after facing an unthinkable tragedy, Suzanne transformed her identity as a stressed-out workaholic to find her way back to wholeness and balance after experiencing overwhelming grief. In The Extremely Busy Womans Guide to Self-Care, Suzanne shares simple, bite-sized suggestions to help you ease onto the path of effective self-care in a way that feels doable rather than demanding.

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