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Posted: April 26, 2020 at 11:49 pm

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Great reads and great ideas for the pandemic.

In the midst of the pandemic, you may have more time to reador perhaps you just need a change in what youre consuming. Shifting from constant COVID-19 news to focus on interesting issues is good for your brain and your emotional health. Its also great timing, in honor of World Book Day last Thursday.

Here are seven things to think about and the 25 booksboth classic and newthat will expand your perspectives about work and life given the uncertain, unusual and unexpected times were living through together:

Community and Connections

A significant part of what were learning through the pandemic is the importance of connections, relationships and being in community with others. None of us is as strong as all of us, and these books reinforce that were wired to connect and that relationships mean the most when were in challenging or difficult situations.

Health, Longevity and Our Healthcare System

Through the pandemic, we are reminded of the importance of our health, but also about the systems that support healthcare. These books provide a lens into health and healthcare, but also into mortality, purpose and the process of aging.

How We Learn and Who Influences Us

This is a time when messengers are as important as the message. These books explain what and who command our attention. They point out the elements of a message that make it memorable and compelling. While these are great books if youre the messenger, they are also useful if youre consuming information. Youll be more informed about what persuades youeven if youre not always consciously aware of it.

How We Think

In addition to how were influenced (see the previous category), its also useful to be aware of how we think and process ideas. For example, being wrong is terrific for learning and significantly under-appreciated in terms of how we form new ideas and increase competence. Its also fascinating to consider how our thought processes have changed based on technology and how we can be our best by accessing mental flow.


How we care for ourselves is especially interesting now. Addressing our basic needs in order to be strong for others is like the idea that we should put our own airplane oxygen mask on before assisting others (remember when we used to travel on airplanes pre-pandemic?). Information about healthy eating and exercise are ubiquitous. These books also address the importance of sleep, creating joy in our surroundings, learning broadly and appreciating our petsall important topics for surviving today and thriving tomorrow.

Escaping into Other Worlds

In addition to learning and developing your thinking, sometimes you just need a virtual change of venue through some great fiction. From light-hearted and meaningful stories by Gail Honeyman, Fredrik Backman or Don Tillman to books filled with unexpected story lines by Claire North and Bernard Beckett or suspense and surprising twists from Alex Michaelides, youll be well-entertained with these works of fiction during the pandemic.

Keeping Perspective

Finally, you may just need to shift your perspective. If you can handle the language, the title below is a terrific read that goes beyond typical self-help platitudes and encourages empowerment and ownership of where youre going and what you can achieve.

Ultimately, a good read is always a good thingto inspire new thinking, access fresh ideas and provoke diverse ideasfor work and for life. Check out these booksboth classic and newand enjoy a change in the constant influx of COVID-related information and, better yet, some brilliant new perspectives.

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How To Survive The Quarantine: 25 Brilliant Books To Give You Information, Insight And Inspiration - Forbes

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