Harvey Weinstein wants to be remembered. He will be as a self-pitying predator – The Guardian

Posted: December 17, 2019 at 2:51 am

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Harvey Weinstein with his walking frame leaving Manhattan criminal court last week. Photograph: Bryan R Smith/AFP via Getty

Harvey Weinstein is not the first name that springs to mind when I think of the empowerment of women in Hollywood. But then you cant have everything although, for a while, he did.

Weinstein, lately seen hobbling on a walking frame into court, had, a few days later, strangely recovered enough to be photographed strolling unaided near his New York home. He still gets out to comedy clubs and still gives interviews where he boasts that he made more movies about women and directed by women than anyone else. It all got eviscerated because of what happened, he says. My work has been forgotten.

Yes. There is that what happened thing: the allegations of rape. Then there are the multiple accounts of sexual misconduct (more than 30) for which a $25m (18.7m) settlement has reportedly been reached. Weinstein also complained that he made Gwyneth Paltrow the highest-paid female actor in Hollwood. Great! She has also accused him of sexually harassing her. Still, as I said, you cant have everything.

Weinstein, surrounded by his swarm of minders/enablers/lawyers/whatevers, has racked up 57 violations of bail conditions involving his electronic tag. So in court, instead of $1m, his bail went up to $5m. Everything can be bought. The #MeToo movement never reckoned with the crude power of money and the insatiable taste for the legal system to pass this off as justice.

Weinstein harassed women because of the authority such wealth gives you. Now he whines about what he did for women as he pays them off. He remains a free man. Still, although money talks, not everyone is listening. Weinstein will be remembered. Not for his films, but for being a self-pitying predator. And, judging by the walking-frame performance, for being one of the worst actors Hollywood has ever produced.

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Harvey Weinstein wants to be remembered. He will be as a self-pitying predator - The Guardian

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