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Posted: April 20, 2020 at 10:49 am

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The current situation of the world is horrifying because of pandemic situation of COVI-19 , and is stressful due to the nature of isolation and unknown.

While everyone must stay at home and since everyone is different in adapting to the new normal, we have heard of spikes in Anxiety,

Many people deal with the anxiety and fear, which is normal in this situation but the problem, is how to overcome anxiety and rise above your fears.

For the ease of mind, a new therapy is introduced called self-help subliminal, in which the person uses the subliminal message to positively influence the listener, while in the same time distracts and shifts his/her thinking toward more positive outcome.

Subliminal audio is recorded using a different frequency then normal audio level, and while positive affirmations can be recorded with music or natural sound, the listener will never be ware of the subliminal affirmations.

Ethically the subliminal producer is obligated to disclose the affirmations before hand.

It just works like hypnosis in a way, without the need of the listener to be with a therapist or to enter in trance.

The subject doesnt need to pay attention to any commands, nor to lie down and relax.

While with hypnosis a person needs to stay put in one place and relax entering in trance with subliminal you can do any other activities while the subliminal plays in background.

Programs are designed by specialized hypnotherapist that understands NLP and the psychology of the human mind.

In this article, we are going to discuss benefits of self-help subliminal products in dealing with anxiety? Lets check out what we will have?

Yes you heard right. It is easy to use; all you have to do is downloading or play the subliminal audio at a normal audio level.

Depending on everyone preference subliminal can be played with music, ocean or in its pure state which is silent (inaudible at the normal volume). Positive affirmations are feeded to your subconscious mind through repetition. is a subliminal website that uses state of art subliminal software and positive NLP message that are motivational and uplifting.

Music used is New Age or Reiki which it proved to be quite relaxing. When music is relaxing, some parts of our brain get lighten up and release endorphin that help with improvement and personal growth of the person. Moreover, it will help you to increase the confidence level.

If you have some stubborn habits and want to remove them, you can use audio subliminal.

There are lots of subject for self help and self improvement and changing bad habits it seems to be easier than ever.

Just plug and play. Take your Mp3 or Cd with you for a drive or a walk around the house or play silent subliminal while watching your favorite show.

Subliminal Programs can be helpful for personality enhancement. Who doesnt want to feel confident, to have charm and boost their self esteem? We all want and yes that is possible with subliminal.

Moreover, the subliminal self-help is a name of self-treatment that you will need for the peace of mind.

However subliminal is not a cure or substitution for medical care. If someone is taking already medication they should continue to take their medication.

People with Epilepsy should avoid at all cost to use any subliminal products. One other thing that subliminal does is synchronize both sides of the brain. People with epilepsy might lack the power of synchronicity.

Like with any products please be cautious. Nothing can be a miracle. Everyone needs to read and research if something is good for them or not.

You can read more about subliminal here:

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Benefits of self-help Subliminal in dealing with anxiety - - VENTS Magazine

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