Almeda University: Mobile Technology Radicalizing the Nature of Education

Posted: June 5, 2012 at 2:10 pm

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SAN JUAN, PR--(Marketwire -06/05/12)- A recent article from U.S. News discusses how the developments in mobile technology are prompting changes in the way people learn about medicine. As leading universities change their programs to offer mobile coursework, for both convenience and environmental reasons, many are considering how these changes will impact the future of online learning as well. Almeda University, a top online educator, has tracked the advancements of online resources and has also incorporated mobile delivery into its curriculum.

Both medical students and physicians are taking advantage of the benefits that mobile technology has to offer. U.S. News states that mobile devices help students and practitioners in developing countries better communicate and efficiently receive information on how to treat patients. Hospitals in America are adapting to these changes by implementing use of mobile technology to track patient progress and keep secure notes.

John Hopkin's University School of Medicine has paved the way for mobile healthcare development with their innovative mHealth program. Yale and Harvard are implementing similar programs to review student work and give individuals an opportunity to receive materials through mobile devices. Richard Smith, Almeda University Executive, responded to these developments enthusiastically, and stated that these achievements will become very strong elements for all educational providers.

However, some students may not welcome such a drastic change. Smith comments, "One of the complaints that Almeda University students have shared about working on their mobile devices is simply screen size. A 3" x 5" screen simply may never be large enough to properly display some of the newest education models."

Despite these concerns, he is encouraged by the way mobile technology is revolutionizing education. For example, Almeda University strives to connect students by offering them a chance to participate in the same coursework as another student halfway across the globe. These changes in mobile education only further the reaches of online education, and allow for a greater opportunity for improved communication.

The U.S. News article makes a point to demonstrate that such changes in mobile health care and education are only in their beginning stages, and that it may take some time for such practices to become widespread. Smith agrees, "Although it is unlikely smart phones and tablet computers will replace laptops and desktop computing for online education, they do perform well as study or homework tools. These mobile devices have more computing power than the average desktop had only seven years ago."


Founded in 1997, Almeda University is committed to providing innovative online education resources and a cutting-edge curriculum. The school's mission is to help open doors for its students no matter which field or profession they choose.

Almeda University is unique even among other online institutions for its ability to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles and learning styles. Additionally, Almeda University accommodates academic interests in a variety of scholarly fields, ranging from business to theology.

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Almeda University: Mobile Technology Radicalizing the Nature of Education

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