McGraw-Hill Higher Education Partners with Instructure to Enable Seamless Access to Best-in-Class Resources via the …

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NEW YORK, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --McGraw-Hill Higher Education today announced an expansion of its groundbreaking content and course integration service, McGraw-Hill Campus, through a strategic partnership with Instructure. The partnership will enable a deeper integration of McGraw-Hill Campus within Canvas across the country, making it even easier for instructors and students to access the comprehensive digital resources provided through McGraw-Hill Campus.

McGraw-Hill Campus, which launched last July, grants faculty and students universal access to McGraw-Hill's world-class course solutions and online resources from within their college's existing LMS whether or not they use a McGraw-Hill title. The service is available at no additional cost to the institution. McGraw-Hill Campus provides users with single sign-on access to all of McGraw-Hill Education's digital content from any LMS, streamlining and simplifying the user experience. For example, when a professor signs on to the Canvas platform, he or she is automatically signed on to and can access McGraw-Hill Campus' vast selection of cross-discipline resources. With one click, instructors and students can instantly browse, search and access the entire library of McGraw-Hill instructional resources and services including e-books, test banks, PowerPoint slides, animations and learning objects. Faculty can discover new resources to prepare for class, create tests/quizzes, develop lecture material and integrate interactive content.

"This integration simplifies access to educational content and makes it easier for instructors to take advantage of McGraw-Hill's world-class curriculum," said Brian Whitmer, Instructure co-founder and vice president of Products.

For current McGraw-Hill customers, McGraw-Hill Campus also integrates with the company's other leading digital solutions, including McGraw-Hill Connect (all-digital teaching and learning platform), McGraw-Hill Create (state-of-the-art custom-publishing platform), McGraw-Hill LearnSmart (online adaptive study tool), Tegrity (a fully searchable lecture capture service), ALEKS (adaptive assessment and learning tool) and eventually SimNet (interactive, simulation-based software).

"The digital transformation of education is beginning its next stage and requires a new level of access and integration," said Brian Kibby, president, McGraw-Hill Higher Education. "As educational resources increasingly move online, instructors and students are demanding greater access to more and better content as well as an integrated experience that's totally seamless. By partnering with Instructure, we're bringing institutions the best of both worlds: our high-quality content combined with hassle-free digital integration. The end result is a richer and simpler learning environment that enhances teaching and learning."

McGraw-Hill Campus also eliminates the need to register and log in with multiple services and websites the No. 1 reason why professors and students reach out for technical support, according to McGraw-Hill's extensive field research. By reducing technical issues for students, faculty and IT administrators, McGraw-Hill is reducing the amount of time that schools and instructors spend dealing with IT problems, allowing them to focus on what matters most teaching and learning and enabling students to succeed by eliminating obstacles to accessing engaging digital learning.

Some 312 higher education institutions have already implemented McGraw-Hill Campus, which is expected to continue to expand. With its first-ever integration with Blackboard in 2010, McGraw-Hill Education has led the industry in offering course integration services across all tools and platforms, whether they are proprietary to a publisher, school or other provider.

About McGraw-Hill EducationMcGraw-Hill Education is a content, software and services-based education company that draws on its more than 100 years of educational expertise to offer solutions, which improve learning outcomes around the world. McGraw-Hill is the adaptive education technology leader with the vision for creating a highly personalized learning experience that prepares students of all ages for the world that awaits.The company has offices across North America,India,China, Europe, the Middle East andSouth America, and makes its learning solutions available in more than 65 languages. For additional information, visit

About Instructure Instructure is focused on helping institutions improve education through technology. Founded in 2008 by two computer science graduate students, Instructure builds Canvas the only simple, open learning management system native to the cloud. Instructure services more than 150 post-secondary and K-12 educational institutions. Investors include OpenView Ventures Partners and Tomorrow Ventures.

Contact:Tom Stanton McGraw-Hill Education (212) 904-3214

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education Partners with Instructure to Enable Seamless Access to Best-in-Class Resources via the ...

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