Thesys International's Hybrid Model Featured on The Teaching Channel

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ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire -06/04/12)- Thesys International, an education technology business that supports schools with a hybrid online/classroom approach to education, will display its belief in innovation by demonstrating the hybrid classroom via a video broadcast on The Teaching Channel's website, YouTube and Facebook, as well as possible inclusion in a fall PBS program called "Great Lesson Ideas." The Teaching Channel, a non-profit organization funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, approached Fairmont Preparatory Academy to be part of its video showcase with specific interest in highlighting Fairmont's use of the Thesys Hybrid Model.

In the video, Fairmont Preparatory Academy math teacher Mark Hassoun shows 9th-grade geometry students the "Fundamentals of Triangles and Quadrilaterals." Close-ups show students, who attend the Thesys International hybrid online/in-class summer course, using cut-out triangles to represent the angles of a quadrilateral as Hassoun guides them with visual explanations on a white board. The video demonstrates how the hybrid model offers teachers more time in the classroom for engaging, hands-on activities while the typical assessments, quizzes and "book work" is taking place outside school with Thesys' learning management system.

The video was produced by Wingspan Pictures, the production company working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create programming for The Teaching Channel and its 25,000 member viewers.

Thesys International and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation share a dedication to supporting innovations in learning. Through this opportunity with The Teaching Channel, Thesys hopes to share its enthusiasm for innovation via technology integration in the classroom and support the channel's founding principle that "inspired teaching, like any great art, should be seen." Watch the full video here:

Thesys International launched in 2010 and is a division of Fairmont Education Group, Southern California's leading educational provider. Thesys designs and implements hybrid learning programs designed to enhance high-school classrooms in an environment that supports schools and empowers educators. Thesys takes pride in building partnerships with schools to incorporate eLearning programs quickly and effectively, always allowing the administrators to shape the end product. By providing teachers with the tools they need to make educational environments relevant and inspiring to students, Thesys ultimately enhances student outcomes. For more information about Thesys' turnkey solutions, visit

About Thesys International LLC: Launched in 2010, Thesys International, LLC, is an educational service provider that supports schools with a hybrid online/classroom approach to education. As a division of the Fairmont Education Group, Thesys represents the culmination of thought, curricular innovation and evolution of the classroom Fairmont has supported since 1953. Thesys works alongside educators and provides CLRN-certified curriculum that works with schools' existing standards and protocols to help students reach their full potential. Thesys International is dedicated to providing high school students the optimal balance of online and in-person learning, making education more relevant for a new generation. For more information about Thesys' turnkey systems and its innovative hybrid education approach, visit, call 714-234-2727 or email

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Thesys International's Hybrid Model Featured on The Teaching Channel

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