‘People here really be losing their minds over a half nip’ – Observer

Posted: December 24, 2019 at 2:44 pm

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She's the Married At First Sight star loved by fans for her daring approach to romance, love and fashion.

And now Martha Kalifatidis has shared a daring bikini snap to Instagram revealing more than she may have intended.

The 30-year-old recently posted a photo of herself posing in a lime green two-piece and as fans have been quick to point out - she's showing a small hint of nipple.

Martha Kalifatidis has given fans a cheeky glimpse of nipple in a new bikini photo. Picture: Instagram / marthaa_k

Undaunted by the apparent wardrobe malfunction, Martha jokingly captioned the snap: "@mbrunelli (Michael Brunelli) won't be taking pics of me in 2020."

Within moments of sharing the racy bikini snap, fans flooded the post, and at the time of writing, the smouldering pic had garnered more than 24,000 likes.

"Nip slip babe," one person pointed out.

"You can see the top of your nipple just FYI," another said.

"Bit nippy where you are," another teased.

One remarked: "I spy with my nipple eye."

Martha owned her nip slip with her trademark sass. Picture: marthaa_k

Others appeared to be less than delighted with the photo, with one person stating the reality star had "half a nipple showing" before adding, "so not classy".

"Oh dear, that's awkward," another wrote.

While some thought the commotion over a cheeky flash was all too much.

"People here really be losing their minds over a half nip, get over it guys," another said.

Martha's boyfriend Michael also jumped on the thread and left a cheeky comment that read: "Anyone looking for a personal photographer in 2020?"

As to be expected, this set off a trail of remarks with people getting in on the joke saying they would sign him up "only if he could make them look as hot as Martha".

Martha and Michael celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary by sharing this racy photo to Instagram in September. Picture: marthaa_k

Martha is also known for her refreshingly honest approach to life.

She recently spoke to news.com.au about how she gained six kilograms while holidaying overseas, saying she was happy with her body.

While at 60kg she's not overweight, Martha said accepting herself and her body as it is hadn't been without some effort.

"A few years ago this would have actually killed me," she said, adding: "I would have been miserable about gaining this much weight."

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"I wouldn't have been able to cope. I was a person who would literally count every single calorie before it passed my lips - even down to a single square of chocolate."

Martha recently shared this snap to Instagram of herself wearing her trademark leopard-print bikini, telling news.com.au she had gained 6kg when it was taken. Picture: Instagram/Marthaa_k_

At this stage, she revealed she wasn't overly worried "about a few extra kilograms" and said she planned to tone up and return to a healthier lifestyle - but not by doing anything "drastic".

"I have started to clean up my diet, but I will still have a drink with friends or go out to dinner,' she said.

"If I overindulge one night, then I will be really 'clean' for three days.

"This means I will make sure I have plenty of fluid, lots of broth and drink lots of freshly juiced vegies to flush it out."

Martha said she no longer believed in being perfect. Her goal these days is to achieve balance. Picture: marthaa_k

As well as tweaking her diet, exercise will also form part of the plan. However, hardcore HIIT workouts will be swapped for running, pilates or targeted training sessions with Michael.

"Michael has been helping me a lot because he is so fit. He is like a machine," Martha said.

"He never misses a day and he is a really good influence on me. He encourages me to get up and go to the gym with him."

Martha said her goal wasn't to lose weight. She hopes by revamping her diet and approach to exercise she will "trim down" and feel more energised.

"I don't care what the scales say. It's more about how I feel. I want to feel healthy and fit," she said.

Martha and Michael celebrated a year together in September after they met and "married" on season six of Married At First Sight.

Since finding fame on the reality show, Martha, who is also a make-up artist, has become a social media influencer with an Instagram account that boasts more than 296,000 followers.

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