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Chicago, IL, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The One and Done Workout is a fitness program that takes very little time each day for impressive results. Users only have to engage in the regimen for two weeks to see a change in the way that the body feels and looks.

One of the biggest problems facing the alternative health industry is the sketchiness of the companies behind leading products. Most supplement and workout program websites feature an over-dramatic testimonial from someone whose full name is never even disclosed. We frequently review these formulas and programs, and our editors try to look past the melodramatic introductions to evaluate the genuine scientific evidence behind the proposed health solution. However, its always nice to know who youre doing business with. The creator of a supplement can make-or-break how the formula is perceived by the larger alternative health community.

Luckily, the subject of our review today doesnt experience the problem of source anonymity associated with other products in its niche. One and Done Workouts is being distributed and marketed primarily by Meredith Shirk. If you have been around in the workout scene for the past decade, you probably know who this is. Her YouTube account and Facebook groups are exceedingly popular, especially among millions of aging mothers and other women who want to improve their health by losing weight. Shirk has a major reputation with this demographic, and testimonials for her many weight loss programs are common on the internet.

On the website for One and Done Workouts, Shirk claims that this new workout program can help people to obtain better results in just one minute than 30 minutes on the elliptical. This sales pitch taps into a core complaint many people have about traditional weight loss programsthey simply take too long. Shirk has apparently been working on this program for many years. As the name suggests, One and Done workouts claims to help people lose weight by doing just one minute of strenuous exercise.

The exercises in the One and Done program seem to have been specially designed to provide people with serious results. This is great to hear; it can be discouraging to do the same workouts over and over and experience very little in the way of results. The goal of our review today is to explore whether or not One and Done Workouts can genuinely help consumers improve their weight loss progress.

What is the One and Done Workout?

Working out can take a lot of time and energy out of someone, especially when they already have other commitments in their day. Whether those hours are filled with time at the office, managing the schedule of young children, or attending regular meetings with friends, no one wants to give up their precious free time. With the One and Done Workout, users wont have to say goodbye to these times.

The One and Done Workout is fairly self-explanatory to what it entails being done with a workout with very little effort. Users are taken through a program that takes about two weeks to complete, using their bodyweight to become stronger. With only 7 minutes needed each day, a fit and healthy body doesnt have to be far away.

While the website contains plenty of information about creator Meredith Shirk, users wont learn much about this program without making a purchase themselves. The entire basis of the routine is Sprint Interval Training, but it is not fully explained either. Still, with the fat-burning power is substantial, helping users to lose up to 2 lbs. with each day that they practice the routine.

Unlike other workout routines, users dont actually have to make any changes to their routine to make a change in their body. The program is meant to be completely focused on the way that these workouts burn the extra calories. Luckily, users that want to modify their diet as well will have access to a brief diet plan that they can try out for greater odds of success.

About Meredith Shirk

This program, like many others with Svelte Media Incorporated, was developed by Meredith Shirk. Meredith is the companys founder and CEO, launching the brand over a decade ago to offer fitness solutions to consumers everywhere. Though she started the program with just herself, the team grew to 20 people to help her with her mission of improving fitness.

Meredith has many certifications and qualifications that further support her work as a fitness instructor. Some of those qualifications include:

Meredith also has a bachelors degree in biology from California Lutheran University with Magna Cum Laude honors. She was the captain of the universitys water polo team, leading them to the Division III championship, SCIAC championship, and 2009 NCAA Division I championship.

Meredith has received attention from many people and companies already, and shes been featured on ESPM for her skills as a female athlete.

How Does the One and Done Workout Improve Weight Loss?

Much of the One and Done Workout centers around the use of strategic exercise that Meredith refers to as Sprint Interval Training. Though most people believe that they have to spend hours in the gym, that is not the case with this regimen.

The reason that this program works so well is because it packs a lot of power into such short routines. Much of the program centers around taking less than 10 minutes to perform an entire routine, making it easy on both the users schedule and the body. Plus, the routine will continue to push the body into fat loss for up to two days after the routine has been completed. The key is to activate certain parts of the metabolism, and that is done through S.I.T.

S.I.T., or Sprint Interval Training, doesnt require much from the users surroundings. The exercises dont require any kind of extra equipment, using the users own body to provide any weight or resistance that they need for it to work. Furthermore, the exercise doesnt require much space. All the user needs it to have enough stretching room in the area that they get comfortable in.

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The exercises are rather easy for users to take on with any existing soreness. With damage in the lower back or knees from previous exercise, some consumers struggle to perform other exercises later in life. By changing to a different routine with S.I.T. exercises, users can actually make some modifications to improve their results.

Along with the routine, users will also learn about certain ways that theyve already been damaging their body as theyve tried to lose weight in the past. So many programs dont provide users with the solutions that could actually help, and others are rather hard on tender areas of the body. This program centers around both improving health and fitness alike.

Purchasing Access to the One and Done Workout

Every part of the One and Done Workout is digital, allowing users to instantly access the content after a payment of $29. Typically, users would have to pay $99.95 to gain access, but the price has been drastically reduced since then.

With the purchase of Meredith Shirk's One and Done Workout program, users will get access to:

Though these parts of the program are all that the creator requires to get the results, users also get two bonuses. The first bonus is a collection of Detoxifying Red & Green Smoothie Recipes, which shows users different options that they have to purge their body of the buildup of toxins.

The second bonus is the 10-Day "Done-For-You" Keto Reset Meal Plan. This mean plan comes with all of the directions that users need to follow for quick weight loss. It even comes with recipes and shopping lists to make the eating plan easier. Since users dont actually need to make big changes to their diet, they dont have to follow the meal guide. However, the direction gives users an idea of what they can do to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions About the One and Done Workout

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What is the optimal age to participate in the One and Done Workout?

This program is meant to help consumers of all ages, which is why it is so helpful. Consumers dont have to have any kind of fitness level to achieve the movements, and there are even some people in their 70s who have been able to participate easily.

Is this program okay for individuals who are currently overweight?

Absolutely. Users of this program dont already need to be in shape at all. In fact, as they pursue the movements, users may find that they slowly increase the endurance and ability to particulate in the program. The whole point of the regimen is to build up quickly, which is why the routine is specifically arranged to achieve this effect.

What if the user hasnt worked out in a while?

Not a problem at all. The program is made to meet users where they are. Regardless of the fitness level that they are at when they begin, all consumers have a shot of reaching their goal weight and finding a way to enjoy cardiovascular workouts.

Will users need to incorporate weights or other types of exercise equipment?

No. The only weight that the user will incorporate is their own weight as the resistance that she needs. The program is mostly made up of different types of stretching, allowing users to perform the routine wherever they have a little space.

Is the One and Done Workout safe to follow for individuals that have issues with their heart?

Yes. It can support the health of the heart safely, and it can help users take off the extra weight that can threaten heart health. However, consumers that currently have a heart issue may want to speak with a medical professional.

How long will users have to keep up with the One and Done Workout program to get results?

Most users will see the changes start when they first begin, helping them to sleep better on the first night. Within about two weeks, most users are able to successfully complete the exercises as they are described.

Is it possible to perform these exercises with a bad back?

Absolutely. Everyone starts somewhere, and it is no problem to begin with movements that are a bit easier to take on with this weakness. Over time, the user should become stronger and more capable of performing the routine.

Is it possible to get free access to the One and Done Workout content on streaming services like YouTube?

While there are ways to learn different exercises online for free, Sprint Internal Training isnt shown in the same way that Meredith Shirk brings to consumers in this workout plan. The program isnt available for free, and an alternative version of this program is not available either.

Will participants have to change the foods that they eat to make a difference?

Overall, users wont have to really make any modifications to their current diet. The only way that users will really need to change anything is if their current routine is to eat constant junk food and unhealthy meals. Users are encouraged to take on healthier habits (like drinking water and getting enough vegetable servings), but that is it.

Is there a refund policy in place?

Yes. If the user is unable to shed the weight, the company offers a money-back guarantee. This guarantee is good for the first 60 days after the purchase was made.

Is it safe to engage in this routine if the user has arthritis or circulatory issues?

Yes. No matter what issues the user currently has with their body, Meredith encourages everyone to take their time so that they can progressively build up their body to the workouts.

Will users actually be able to complete these movements with only one minute of their time?

Absolutely. The program goes in intervals of 20 seconds of intense exercise that repeats three times. Each of these intervals is separated by active recovery, which allows the user to essentially rest for two minutes. In total, the intense exercise only takes about a minute. However, the entire routine is closer to 10 minutes.

To learn more about the routine, Meredith, or other concerns about the One and Done Workout, consumers can call (317) 662-2322 or send an email to


The One and Done Workout by Meredith Shirk provides users with a way to fit in their exercise each day without having to worry about moving around their entire schedule. Each exercise is relatively quick and simple, though users may have to push their body to build up to the demands of the routine. Consumers can work out with this routine at any age or fitness level, even if they struggle with inflammation or soreness in certain muscle groups.

Reviewing a workout program is a bit different than researching a supplement. Our editors searched all over the internet to find some information about how One and Done Workouts exercises help to improve weight loss in men and women. As the site explains, moderate exercise might create more inflammation and stress in your body, which can hamper long-term weight loss and make it harder for you to gain sustainable muscle. To remedy this major problem, Meredith Shirk and the creators of One and Done Workouts have concocted a series of simple fat-burning workouts. The One and Done Workout system has enjoyed the same level of success and notoriety in the fitness world as her Metaboost Connection program too.

The workouts used in this program have been promoted by the NIH, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. After independently evaluating these sources, it seems clear to our editors that this workout program can help some consumers lose weight.

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