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How can Exercise improve our Skincare? Author: Georgina Pearse - Skin Care expert from Grafton Spa & Wellness Published: 27th January 2021 09:49 By Georgina Pearse ~ professional Skin care expert and owner on Just4You Beauty & Hair and the award winning Grafton Spa & Wellness

Skincare is a topic on all of our lips at the moment, with more of us now than ever looking for ways to improve our skin.

This could be due to lockdown driving us to assess perfect skin, for those zoom meetings,as were wearing less makeup, or because skincare is becoming more affordable with top-quality ingredients. The bottom line is that we want glowing, clear skin!

Skincare is important and spending time and energy looking after it pays off, But, have you ever thought about another way you can achieve fantastic skin?

Recently, I started up a fitness challenge with local professional personal trainer, Sarah Hastings. Ive challenged myself to The 30 Day ~ Feel Fantastic and Look Amazing Challenge ~ tough feat for someone who prefers Netflix and a glass of wine over burpees!)

Over the last month, Ive seen my body change in many ways. My flab is starting to disappear, I have more energy, and I dont tend to get the blues as often.

I also noticed my skin looking amazing

(As a skincare expert, I obviously look out for any changes). A few people commented on my #glow. At first I thought it was my new foundation, but then I realized my glow was brightest right after my workout, when I wasnt wearing any! We often hear about the positive effects of a consistent workout routine, but I started to wonder:

How does exercise effect ones skin? It is our largest organ, after all!

The beauty benefits of exercise

Its hardly surprising to learn that exercise is good for your skin ~ what isnt it good for? As a general goal for good health, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. Of course, there are many other things you should include in your lifestyle to achieve this, like eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking around four litres of water a day. But the best thing about exercise? Its free!

Fancy joining us on the 30 day challenge? It in

Regular exercise has tremendous regenerating effects on our aging process and therefore on our skin as well.

Studies prove that regardless of the age you start regular exercise, it will have almost-immediate positive effects on our skins thickness and elasticity.

Glowing skin is a sign of good health. Carrying out regular exercise helps tiny arteries in our skin to open up, improving blood circulation to the skins surface while delivering nutrients to repair damage from both the sun and environmental pollutants. These nutrients can also help boost your skins Collagen production which is essential in keeping wrinkles at bay.

The best exercise you can do for glowing skin is HIIT work outs or aerobic exercises which makes you sweat out toxins. You can safely do HITT workouts and aerobic exercise at home, including brisk walking, running, skipping, or cycling.

Although Fighting acne can be more tricky ~ Theres a common misconception that acne is a hormonal teenage issue, but that couldnt be further from the truth. People in their 40s can be hit with acne, which can be incredibly confusing as well as demotivating if youve had clear skin most of your life. Youll probably be wondering what on earth has gone wrong.

Well, many different things can trigger acne onset from hormones, stress, certain foods, medications, your body might not be able to tolerate as easily such as sugar and dairy, and the all NEWMaske acne triggered by wearing a face mask all day. With the face mask material constantly rubbing against our skin can cause micro-tears, allowing bacteria, dirt, and oil to enter and clog our pores.

The purpose of face masks is to limit airflow, preventing skin cells which would usually shed, being trapped on the surface with nowhere to go.

When the pores dilate, sweat expels trapped dirt and oil. Just be sure to wash your face afterward so the gunk doesnt get sucked back into the pores.

Working up a sweat can have similar benefits to getting a mini-facial! Both are fantastic forms of stress relief, too.

Weve seen the biggest transition from makeup to skincare this year, something which was likely never anticipated. Skin drink products like matiskin ~ active ingredients like hyaluronic acid to keep us hydrated and glowing. After all, YouTube influencers are booming, with makeup tutorials and reviews. Yet skincare appears to take center stage in terms of what is popular right now, with makeup sales taking a hit this year.

If youre struggling with your skin and find that even your diet and exercise arent having any improvements, seek advice from Georgina Pearse our Beauty and Skin care expert and owner of the award winning Grafton Spa & Wellness.

You can now book a skin care consultation with her simply text 07754 940628 to book your appointment.

Your unique skin transformation could be just a few days away!

#getyourglowon #glowingskin

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