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Posted: March 1, 2020 at 4:44 am

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While you harp on metabolism all your life, there is also catabolism that we need to worry about (especially women once they touch 40s). As we age, the lean muscle and bone density in the body starts decreasing this process is called catabolism. Because of the decreased muscle mass, metabolism goes down too. In your 40s, you cannot get away with eating and working out the same way as you did in your 20s and 30s. The main goal in this decade is to reverse the catabolic process and make it anabolic, wherein you start building bone density and muscle mass instead of losing it. How? Eat right. The biggest misconception people have is that they need to starve or give up sugar to look good in their 40s. Quality is the keyword here. Instead of a commercial chocolate bar, look for high quality sweets like homemade halva, laddoos or kheer. Theyre made with whole grains and contain nourishers like ghee and dry fruits that make them a much healthier option than anything store-bought. Dont be fearful of food, at the same time, exercise portion control and dont go overboard. Eat till satisfied, but avoid bingeing. DONTS - Crash diet plans: While they may make you look slimmer in the short term, they will make you lose muscle mass and bone density, which just increases the problem. - Packaged snacks: They come with hidden sugars, salt and chemical compounds that your body finds difficult to break down. Instead of buying a jar of ghee or a pack of milk from the store, look for a sustainable farm that gives you high-quality products. - Breakfast cereals: We have a culture of eating hot breakfast, which is very satisfying. When we eat Western breakfast of cold cereal and milk, we dont get satisfaction, because of which we end up looking for a cigarette, coffee, or a muffin when we reach work. - Overeating: I always advise people to eat five spoons less than what they would have. Eat till you are satisfied, not stuffed and full. - Exercise: A combination of strength training and yoga is good as it will help to increase lean muscle mass and also accelerate fat loss. DOS - Stop dividing food into groups like fat, protein, carbs. Eat wholesome, home-cooked meals instead. - To reverse the process of catabolism, you need calcium as it is important for bone density, along with iron, protein and vitamin D. - Ghee, seasonal greens, whole grains like millets and single polished rice, sesame seeds, fresh vegetables and farm fresh dairy are all important. Munmun Ganeriwal, nutritionist and lifestyle consultant

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Manage your 40s - Times of India

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