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Posted: October 24, 2020 at 4:52 am

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If youre in your 40s and still want to look good, Pooja Banga, Nutritionist & director at Cultivating Health is here to help you out! Check it out

Having a perfectly healthy body is the dream of many women, especially at age of 40. At the age of 40, your body is not that active that it used yo be at your 20's. If you think it's impossible to look fit and healthy at the age of 40, then you are wrong. You can have a perfect body with some healthy tips.

1. Eat breakfast

Don't miss your breakfast. Eating breakfast is essential as our body metabolism slows down 2% each decade. Eating at the beginning of the day works with your metabolism which is at its peak in morning and fuels activity. Also, women who eat breakfast lose more weight and maintain their loss more efficiently compared with those on a low-carb diet who can put the weight back on after just in few months.

2. Exercise!

Although it is difficult to lose weight or to sustain weight post 40, it's not impossible and problems like joint pain, back pain etc should not prevent you from starting exercise. Any kind of exercise can be designed for you and your body. A 30 minutes workout gives your metabolism the kick start it needs. There is no need to join a gym. A simple squats for thighs and stomach crunches will help to strengthen your bones, maintaining balance and also avoid injury, that becomes more important when you getting older.

3. Take calcium and vitamin D

It is important to maintain strong bones in order to give them a boost with vitamin D and calcium. Foods such as salmon and milk are rich in vitamin D and calcium. You can also have supplements, if necessary.

4. Manage your stress

For a woman, holding down a job as well as looking after a family, it's not easy. Stress can result in unhealthy changes in the body like lower libido, increased blood pressure and faster cell death. This can cause ageing faster. Hence meditation and you can help to deal with stress and pressure. Also, in order to maintain a healthy heartbeat, breathe in through your nose for four beats and out for eight at least twice a day or anytime you feel stressed.

5. Eat protein to boost your mood and brain

If you are prone to low moods, increase the intake of protein in your diet. Eating foods rich in protein boosts levels of mood-lifting cells in the brain, that can help to deal with depression and poor memory.

Foods like eggs, fish and quinoa are rich sources of protein. They help in increasing serotonin production in the brain and boost your mood.

6. Avoid junk food

Avoid eating packed and junk food as they are rich in fats and sugar. They can be troublesome to your body. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Also, go for seasonal fresh foods as they are healthy.

7. Catch up with friends

Make sure you hang out with your friends. It not only relaxes you but boost self-esteem and reduce stress as well. A good social life means less risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

8. Schedule health checks

This is the period when health checks really necessary. Essential checks such as an eye test, mammogram, blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol and cervical smear in order to keep your body healthy and fit.

Inputs by:Pooja Banga, Nutritionist & director at Cultivating Health

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In your 40s? Here are 8 diet tips that will help women stay in shape explains nutritionist Pooja Banga - PINKVILLA

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