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50 is the brand new 20. Don't believe us? Then check out the one and only Gwen Stefani...

We are living in an age where 50 is the brand new 20, and if you dont believe me, then you can just flip on your television screen and look at the likes of Jennifer Aniston, or rewatch the Super Bowl halftime show and watch Jennifer Lopez climb up a pole with a fist full of grace, or listen to the radio and have Gwen Stefani ring in your ears. Regardless of what method you choose, 2020 is the year of the Ageless Woman.

Stefani herself has proven that she managed to discover the Fountain of Youth years ago and even though shes 50 years young, she looks as if she just made her way out of her teenage years. She looks exactly how she did during her No Doubt days. But how does she do it? Here are 15 ways Gwen stays looking insanely youthful.

Have you ever witnessed the marvel that is Gwens perfect abs? That takes WORK, ask any personal fitness trainer. She works out four times a week and focuses on one aspect with her trainer, Gunnar Peterson. Focus on cardio that uses your whole body to challenge more muscles and burn extra calories in less time, Peterson told Fitness Magazine.

Anyone who has ever been in love before will tell you the same thing: it makes you feel younger. But what about LOOKING younger? Apparently, Gwen credits falling madly in love with The Voice co-host Blake Shelton to her very youthful appearance. After her life blew up she said she fell in love with Blake and it was better than having a facelift.

The sun, while giving life, can also be brutal and rip it away all at once. This is why since she hit her 20s, Gwen has been extremely cautious about exposing her skin to the outside. When she does go outside, she tends to slather on sunscreen in order to protect her young looking skin from sun damage.

As women, were not taught EARLY ENOUGH that our skin should be able to breathe at all times, which is why were duped into buying a foundation that doesnt allow this, and its damaging. The one thing that I have really changed is trying to get all the makeup off, she said. Also getting a foundation that allows your skin to breathe too is a must.

Any of the Kardashians will tell you: the golden hour is key to taking a brilliant selfie. Gwen knows this too. She even told Cosmopolitan that the lightning in the UK looks way different than the lightning in LA and that it made the effect on her makeup appear different. Thats why Im always up for trying something different and changing my look, she said.

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So many women will tell you our hair can boost or break our confidence. Theres a reason why Gwen takes such extreme care of her own flowing mane even sometimes more than her own skin. I really do take care of my hair, even more than my face, she once toldVogue magazine. Because you have to if youre a blonde.

Theres a lot more to exercise for your body or your mind theres also exercise for your soul and spirit and thats what Gwen relishes in practicing. I used to do a lot of fitness and physical exercise, which I think is really important, she told Elle magazine. But spiritual exercise is the one thing that really got me to where Im at.

Ever since the public first laid eyes on her, weve always been captivated by her ability to wear rube red lipstick or lip-gloss with such grace and flair. And, apparently, its one of her magic keys to staying youthful. Thing is, she really DOESNT wear just ruby red. She says she always mixes up the adventurous colors.

This is a biggie for women, especially during those hot summer months. Gwen, who was used to jumping around on stage during her concerts, knows the benefits of sweat-proof foundation all too well. When youre on stage you sweat and thats one of your big worries, she said. You want to be emotional and connect with your audience, rather than worrying about your makeup.

The songstress is one who keeps up with the times and loves testing out new makeup products (famously, drug store brands). Ive loved makeup since I can remember, she said. What Im always trying to do is just get better, and explore new looks. When you get new productsthats where you learn and you do things you wouldnt normally do.

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If theres one piece of advice to live by in terms of wanting to stay young, it would be to only focus on the good in life. In an interview with Marie Claire, she talked about how to only focus on whats best, and that includes your best FEATURES as well. Thats the story of my life really; flaunt whats good about you and disguise the rest!

Since the age of 12, Gwen has followed a strict vegan diet, which is pretty extreme considering she was so young at the time. But its clearly worked out for her in the youth department. These days, while keeping up with a plant-based diet, she also does low-carb which cuts out all the sugar and bread (so all the fun stuff. Sad face.)

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When youre on a low-carb, mostly vegan diet, the number one thing to do is to keep hydrated at all times, which is something Gwen lives by. You have to constantly drink water in order not to dry out your skin, as well (and stay away from alcoholic beverages), which explains why Gwens skin looks so dewy fresh.

Gwen has a strict nighttime routine, and that includes going bare-faced every night. The one thing that I have really changed (in her life) is trying to get all the makeup off, she said. It was hard when I was younger because I was always on a tour bus, literally washing my face with bottled water inside the bus. Its gotten calmer since.

Gwen always makes sure that in order to get her skin to have that perfect glow, she gets plenty of rest. And when she cant? She fakes it with makeup. Sometimes, if I have a long day, Ill just wash it all off and start over again for that fresh-face feeling, she once said. Dont we all wish it was just that easy?

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