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Using a body mass index (BMI) calculator can help a person determine whether their weight is within the recommended range for their height. However, BMI calculations have several important limitations in everyone, including men.

BMI is one measure of body size. It is a calculation of a persons body mass based on their weight relative to their height.

Doctors generally consider people whose BMI is within the normal range to have a healthy BMI. Individuals below this range may have underweight, while those above this range may have overweight or obesity.

However, BMI may not be the most accurate indicator of whether a persons weight is healthful for several reasons.

This article explores what BMI is and looks at how to calculate it. It also considers the recommended BMI ranges, the potential limitations of using BMI as an indicator of health, and tips to maintain a moderate BMI.

A BMI calculator for men assesses a mans target weight range based on his height.

Doctors use the same calculator for all people over the age of 20 years. The calculation is the same regardless of age, sex, race, body composition, and other factors.

It is possible to calculate BMI by dividing a persons weight in kilograms (kg) by their height in meters squared (m2).

For example, a person who is 5 feet 6 inches (or 66 inches) tall has a metric height of 1.6764 m. If that person weighs 150 pounds, their metric weight will be 68.0389 kg. To calculate their BMI:

Many health advocates argue that BMI is not a good measure of whether a person has a moderate weight.

Some argue that even if a person has overweight or obesity, this does not necessarily reveal much about their health.

A handful of recent studies support this claim, so a person should not use BMI as the sole measure of their health.

Some shortcomings of BMI include:

The BMI ranges are as follows:

BMI does not take into account body composition, age, race, sex, athletic involvement, or other factors. It does not assess lifestyle, diet, or anything else that may help mitigate the potential health effects of having a high body weight.

A persons ideal BMI does not change with various health conditions. However, certain health issues may affect their ability to maintain a BMI within the recommended range.

For this reason, it is sometimes important to discuss weight changes, diet, and exercise with a doctor.

People should discuss their BMI with a doctor if:

Not everyone can maintain a BMI in the normal range, even with a healthful diet and plenty of exercise.

Elite athletes with high muscle mass, for example, may fall into the overweight range.

Similarly, being in the normal range does not necessarily mean that a person is healthy. People who eat unhealthful foods and never exercise may still have a moderate BMI.

For this reason, the best strategy is to focus on promoting general health.

For most people, this will make it easier to attain a BMI in the normal range. People looking to promote their health can try:

BMI is one way to assess a persons weight and predict how it might affect their health.

In the absence of other measures, however, it does not reveal much about a persons well-being.

A person who wants a better understanding of the possible effects of their weight on their overall health should discuss these concerns with a doctor or dietitian.

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