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MOTIVATION and purpose have always been my response to clients and anyone else who want to achieve their dream of having a beach body, said Golds Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz in an interview with Marianas Variety.

He said ones dreams should also match our daily actions.

If you decide to eat and train properly, you are more likely to have a healthy lifestyle and will be less prone to diseases that come with obesity or muscle atrophy. An average male or female would make great progress with at least 2 to 3 hours of exercise per week. You never really need more than 5 to 6 hours per week, unless you are preparing to compete or will participate in a specific sporting event.

Just about anybody can figure out how to squeeze in 2 to 5 hours per week for the sake of ones health.

Fitting in cardio workouts is especially easy because you dont need a gym or more than 20-30 minutes of time, 2-4 days per week. Dancing, jogging, Tabata, yoga, Pilates or primal movements can burn fat fast and get us in shape.

Weight training is a little bit tougher if you have a busy schedule. If you want to lift weights and are really crunched for time, Diaz recommends at least two strength training days paired with two cardio days.

Planning your workout schedule and sticking to them will bring you closer to your fitness goals.

I prefer to train first thing in the morning before work because I have more energy for training and nothing can interfere with my plans at 5 a.m., Diaz said.

As for planning healthy nutrition when your life is always on the go, its essentially easier than many might think. During my off days, I go shopping with my family and stack my fridge with local foods I prefer to eat, Diaz said.

For those who are single, there are no excuses. For those with families, it is a little tougher, especially if family members have different food interests.

But start by logging your daily food intake. If you consume more food than you need (calories in), the excess calories turn into extra weight. But if you burn more calories than you consume (calories out), you burn stored body fat for energy and you lose weight.


How to Train When You Have No Time

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BBJ Fitness Corner | Health and Wellness Fitness Myth: 'I don't have the time to diet and exercise' - Marianas Variety

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