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T.I Motivation

This is probably one of my favorite songs by T.I, considering the fact that I haven't even heard his new album, No Mercy(I saw an ad for it). Well, sub, like and add as friend.


[Intro]Better get on yo job, tell'em, haters get on yo job, nigga (Motivation)Nigga, get on yo job, tell'em, haters get on yo job, nigga (Motivation)Haters better get on yo job, tell'em, haters get on yo job, nigga (It's motivation)Sucka nigga, get on yo job, if ya, hatin' get on yo job, nigga

[Verse 1]You can look me in my eyes, see I'm ready for whateverAnythang don't kill me, make me betterI ain't dead nigga, you can take the fame and the cheddaAnd the game, any deal, I'm still a go-getterTake my freedom for the moment but it ain't fo-everI got the spirit of a god, heart of a dope dealerI'm a king, seen hangin' with some cold killasI ain't never back down or ran from no niggaI ain't sat down yet, pimp, standin' gorillaEven if I'ma all alone or standin' with four niggazTell'em jump, pimpin' it don't get no realer5'9" with the soul of a 6'4" niggaI separated the fakes, paralized from the waist downFrom the real stand up guys of the A-TownCan't even look me in my eyes, put yo face downI'm outta jail nigga, whachu gotta say now?

[Chorus]MotivationNiggaz fakin' only gonna inspire (Motivation)All yo hatin' in fuel to my fire (It's motivation)Niggaz plottin' on the crown soft droppin' (It's motivation)Hey but I ain't slowin' down and I ain't stoppin' (Motivation)Now nigga don't stop my show (Motivation)You ain't know I don't stop, I go (It's motivation)Sucka niggaz can't make me sufferJust make me stronger and make me tougher (It's motivation)

[Verse 2]To be locked in a box niggaz happy to seePut anybody on top, any rapper but T, I, PBut back to reality G, O.D. still carryin' me, nigga I run thisSpread yo rumours, kick all yo lil' dumb shitTell lies, laugh 'bout the time that I'm gon getIf it make you feel better, picture me over and done withPunk bitch, come with all the gossip you can come withSmall thang to a giant, I can overcome thisJail, I don' done this, rap I'm just havin' fun withI could be a local joker, never have one hitNigga, "New Finish" alone'll get me dumb richWhile these rappers sellin' records gettin' penniesIf Grand Hustle sell any, I'ma get plentyIf God with me, who could be against me sucka?Can't make me suffer, just make me tougher

[Chorus - repeat]

[Repeat Hook]

[Chorus - repeat]

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T.I~Motivation (Urban Legend) - YouTube

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