The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of …

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"McIntosh has written another important and groundbreaking book. The Presence of the Infinite helps establish the central significance of the beautiful, the good, and the true as the foundation of human wellbeing. By shining the light of integral philosophy onto the subject of spiritual experience and spiritual leadership, McIntosh convincingly describes the future course of humanity's spiritual evolution. Reading this book is a spiritual experience in its own right." --John Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO of Whole Foods Markets, and Co-Author of Conscious Capitalism

"In the Middle Ages, great Christian theologians developed a range of rational arguments for the existence of God. Many of those arguments have been discredited in the centuries since Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, and Hubble. As a result, belief in God or spirit, or any transcendence at all, has been slipping away, often leaving a reduced and empty world in its wake. Steve McIntosh is a leading philosopher seeking to rediscover transcendence--not apart from scientific evidence, but by interpreting it afresh. I find his work--especially The Presence of the Infinite--helpful, stimulating, and inspiring in my own work as a Christian thinker, writer, and activist." --Brian D. McLaren, Author of A New Kind of Christianity, and host of

"Spirituality is evolving, and The Presence of the Infinite is proof. This book is required reading for any serious student of evolutionary spirituality. Steve McIntosh passionately and meticulously gives his well-trained and inspired intellect to his work as a philosopher, seeing philosophy's role in evolving a new worldview as an absolutely critical undertaking, with a mission to balance and integrate our rapidly-evolving science and spirituality. Your understanding of your own spirituality will be challenged and clarified if you read this book with a serious heart." --Terry Patten, Co-author of Integral Life Practice and creator and host of the online teleseminar series Beyond Awakening

"The Presence of the Infinite represents a unique contribution to the East-meets-West philosophical dialogue. Uncovering the common oversimplifications and misconceptions inherent in both theism and popular nondualism, McIntosh invites us to consider a broader religious synthesis that affirms and begins to unify both the ancient impulse to transcend and the contemporary impulse to evolve. An important book for anyone tracking the evolution of spirituality in our time." --Craig Hamilton, Founder,, and CEO of Evolving Wisdom transformative education

"With The Presence of the Infinite, McIntosh has established himself as one of the leading intellectual authorities in progressive spiritual culture. Erudite, uplifting, and provocative, The Presence of the Infinite is written by a heart filled with love for Spirit and a razor sharp mind determined to illuminate and integrate theistic and non-dual visions of the sacred. Few people have the courage or insight to ask the questions that McIntosh does and see the evolution of culture through such a magnanimous lens. This is a book that will change the way you think about spiritual experience and the direction of our religious and secular future. Take notice--evolutionary spirituality has an eloquent and formidable new champion." --Carter Phipps, Author of Evolutionaries and Co-founder of The Institute for Cultural Evolution

"Steve McIntosh has become our leading voice for making the case that human beings can evolve far beyond the levels we've so far attained. By telling the story of spirituality through the Platonic notions of truth, beauty and goodness, he grounds the evolutionary journey in a specific path we can each walk. More broadly, he defines a new and inspiring method for reconciling the polarization and paralysis that divide us as we try to navigate the future of our imperiled planet." --Tony Schwartz, bestselling author, and founder and CEO of the Energy Project consulting firm

"In The Presence of the Infinite, integral philosopher Steve McIntosh shares his infectious passion for evolutionary spirituality. As McIntosh shows, once we begin to recognize that the science of evolution actually presents a profound spiritual teaching of its own, this can help us reinterpret and reaffirm humanity's deepest religious insights. In this extraordinary book, McIntosh brilliantly lays out a "Higher Synthesis" of Eastern and Western spirituality that is both deeply instructive and profoundly inspiring to anyone whose soul is craving to take the next step. Highly recommended!" --Andrew Cohen, Author of Evolutionary Enlightenment and Founder of What Is Enlightenment? magazine

"As spirituality evolves, it places increasing emphasis on spiritual experience. And now, our understanding of what spiritual experience is and how it works is being expanded and deepened by the work of integral philosopher Steve McIntosh. In his new book The Presence of the Infinite, McIntosh charts a compelling trajectory to a post-postmodern spirituality that can help us have spiritual experience more abundantly, and use it more effectively to empower our work in the world. I'm especially impressed with the way McIntosh integrates the experience of nondual emptiness with the experience of a loving Creator, showing how these alternative conceptions of ultimate reality can actually serve to "true each other up." This book is a historically significant masterpiece that should be read by every serious spiritual practitioner." --Jeff Salzman, host of The Daily Evolver program, and Co-founder of Career Track Training adult education company

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The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of ...

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