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Posted: February 17, 2021 at 5:47 pm

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On the February 17 episode of MBCs Radio Star, singers Kang Daniel and Kim Bum Soo, sports trainer Yang Chi Seung, and comedian Park Young Jin appeared as guests.

On the show, Kang Daniel talked about his many records, including ranking No. 1 on an idol chart for 151 weeks and the time he set a Guinness world record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.

He explained, David Beckhamhad that record, and Pope Francis broke it. And then I broke that record again. After that, Prince Harry and Meghan Markleset a new record. I felta little bit regretful.

Kang Daniel also talked about a unique fan gift he had received. He said, There was a fan who brought a lot of gifts to a fan sign event. I asked what it was and they said that it was a property deed for land. I said that I couldnt accept that, but they explained it was for a plot of land on the moon.

He added, I believe in aliens. Ive put the deed up in my house, but sometimes I think about what will happen if an alien suddenly comes and tells me that this istheir land.

The singer also opened up about the hiatus he took due to mental and physical health issues. I had depression and panic disorder the year before last, he said. I lost my drive for life. I lost my appetite and couldnt sleep well, and it felt like I was living just not to die. I had no sense of purpose. It felt like I had become an animal rather than a human.

He continued, I even thought that the work I was doing wasnt right for me and that I should quit. I listened to a lot of musicduring that time,and when I saw other singers performing, Ithought, I want to stand on stage and felt a renewed passion. My new song PARANOIA is very dark. I just wrote about the feelings that I had experienced during that time.

Kang Daniel released the single PARANOIA on February 16.

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Kang Daniel Shares How He Found Motivation In Music Again After A Period Of Depression - soompi

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