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Posted: February 17, 2021 at 5:47 pm

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The road towards success is a never-ending journey. Embracing failure and transforming challenges into opportunities are the key aspects to become a successful person.

"Trying and failing at it is much more important than not trying at all", says Delhi's wealthy entrepreneur Ajay Singh Tanwar. The young and dynamic entrepreneur comes from an opulent family who has had a great run in politics.

However, he has always believed in creating an identity of his own. Utilizing social media most effectively, Mr Tanwar has been engaging with his audience by flaunting his swanky lifestyle.

A big fan of automobiles, his social media is all about luxurious cars and that has what captivated everyones attention. Through his lifestyle, he has been influencing many young minds who want to live a life full of luxuries.

He says, "Social media is a powerful platform which has a strong impact on people's lives. I am making the best use of it to reach a wider audience who have always thought to make it big in their career."

Moreover, his collection of automobiles is something to look out for. Owning some of the best cars including Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes, this young man is truly one of the influential names on the internet.

This young man started working at an early age, and he learnt the business ethics from his family that has a legacy of maintaining success over the years. He is single-handedly managing two hotels - Ocean Pearl Gardenia and Kings Forth located in Chattarpur.

"The business mind I have is inherited from my family, and in an era of social media, businesses have flourished at a fast pace", he added.

Along with the hotel business, Ajay Singh Tanwar has been influencing people with his extraordinary work life. For his work, he was recently bestowed with the 'Most Influential Entrepreneur of 2020' Award by Elite Magazine.

According to Ajay, a company should not just focus on getting business but also bring a change that is beneficial for society. The reason behind his mammoth success is that he gives his 100% in all of his works.

"Always make sure to put in your best efforts. Don't think about the result. Keep grinding, and if you are putting in your best efforts, the results are bound to be great", stated Ajay. Today Tanwar is not just the youngest rich man in Delhi but also a motivating figure for all those who aspire to achieve success in their early years. To know more about his lavish lifestyle, check out his Instagram page, '@ajaytanwar48_official'.

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Ajay Singh Tanwar is an epitome of success and motivation for all aspiring entrepreneurs - DNA India

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