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Posted: May 25, 2020 at 12:50 pm

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Members of the Westby Area High School Class of 2020 include (front, from left) Chloe Stellner, Jordan Gettelman, Bree Hatlan, Liza Jackson; Row 2: Kaydan Jothen, Karley Anderson, Estelle Fisher-Fortney, Eva Lee, Haley Nelson; Row 3: Dakota Bakkestuen, Robbie Purvis, Tyler Lasky, Bobby Frydenlund, Izaak McCauley, Finn Trautsch Row 4: Devin Nelson, Mitchell McKittrick, Logan Turben, Zach Harris, Evan Peterson, Manuel Chavez, Josh Gunderson; Row 5: Karolyn Jaeger, Logan Paduano, Evan Hendrickson,, Kaili Swanson, Jaden Cronn, Austin Mowery, Tyler Christianson; Row 6: Payten Nelson, Faith Gardner, Sedona Radke, Katie Wollman, Melody Berg, Rebecca Buckles, Linda Schmitz, Savana Radke; Row 7: Gabe Engh, Claire Griffin, Molly Stenslien, McKenna Manske, Alayna Winterfield, Alexis Ellefson, Haley Hagen, Anna Ofte, Theresa Wintersdorf; Row 8: Ty Milutinovich, Cooper Lipski, Carlos Gastelum, Lucas Wieczorek,, Noah Benish, Jake Krause, Davontae Spears, Adam Teadt, Austin Hall; Row 9: Mason Mageland, Andrew Bechtel, Brendan Griffin, Noah Nelson, Andy Role, Dominic DelMedico, Conor Vatland, Zeke Santiago and Haley Kittle.Not pictured: Joe Armbruster, Josi Bishop, Luke Bjorkund, Jackson Bunch, Kyle Falkers, Gabriella Felten, Cohner Fish, Riley Hagen, Ashton Hill, Abbie Larrington, Tyler Madison, Amanda Marshall, Cody Meyer, Jullian Nagle, Gavin Olson, Cora Ostrem-Hanson, Cole Peterson, Benjamin Schmidt, Kassandra Sherpe and Dylan Songer.

Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the graduation ceremony will be postponed to a date to be determined in July.

Valedictorian: Joseph Armbruster. Salutatorian: McKenna Manske.

The class motto is 2020: A class with a vision. The class flower is a white rose with red tips. The class colors are red, black and silver.

Class of 2020 officers: President Conor Vatland, Vice president Bree Hatlan, Secretary Claire Griffin, Treasurer Josi Bishop.

Candidates for graduation: Karly Anderson, Joseph Armbruster, Andrew Bechtel, Noah Benish, Melody Berg, Josi Bishop, Luke Bjorklund, Rebecca Buckles, Jackson Bunch, Manuel Chavez, Tyler Christianson, Jaden Cronn, Dominic DelMedico, Alexis Ellefson, Gabriel Engh, Kyle Falkers, Gabriella Felten, Estelle Fischer-Fortney, Cohner Fish, Robert Frydenlund, Faith Gardner, Carlos Gastelum, Jordan Gettelman, Brenden Griffin, Claire Griffin, Joshua Gunderson, Haley Hagen, Riley Hagen, Austin Hall, Zachary Harris, Bree Hatlan, Evan Hendrickson, Ashton Hill, Liza Jackson, Karalyn Jaeger, Kaydan Jothen, Hailey Kittle, Jake Krause, Abigail Larrington, Tyler Lasky, Eva Lee, Cooper Lipski, Mason Mageland, McKenna Manske, Amanda Marshall, Izaak McCauley, Mitchell McKittrick, Cody Meyer, Ty Milutinovich, Austin Mowery, Jullian Nagle, Devin Nelson, Haley Nelson, Noah Nelson, Payten Nelson, Anna Ofte, Gavin Olson, Cora Ostrem-Hanson, Logan Paduano, Cole Peterson, Evan Peterson, Robert Purvis, Savana Radke, Sedona Radke, Andy Role, Ezequiel Santiago, Benjamin Schmidt, Linda Schmitz, Kassandra Sherpe, Dylan Songer, Davontae Spears, Chloe Stellner, Molly Stenslien, Kaili Swanson, Adam Teadt, Finnegan Trautsch, Logan Turben, Conor Vatland, Lucas Wieczorek, Alayna Winterfield, Theresa Wintersdorf, Katherine Wollman

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Graduation 2020: Westby Area High School - The Westby Times

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