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Posted: February 26, 2020 at 8:46 am

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This is preposterous and illogical. Trans people make an effort to pass as the gender they identify as, so forcing a trans man who is on testosterone and had top surgery into the women's restroomor a trans woman who is on estrogen into the men's restroom makes no sense. Even with her harmful views about trans people,I still think throwing drinksand swearing at her is unjustified.

I dont getBennetts whole shtick. Bennett, who rose to fame as The Gun Girl, first gained traction at Kent State University, walking around with a gunwith police for backup. A recent graduate, her activisms emphasis was to protest the campusrulewhichprohibitsstudents from open-carrying. Now, Ifor one, am definitely someone for SecondAmendmentrights.However, asking police from the same district as those who historically murdered students makes no sense to me. The police force at Kent State University may be comprised of different people than in 1970, but it doesnt erase history.

Her methodology is also abrasive.

Do you guys think we should abolish the death penalty? Bennet asked while dressed as her alter-ego, Jenna, at the Womens March in January.

The woman she was interviewing responded, saying she believe[s] in the death penalty, actually, to which Bennett countered, Is that why youre pro-choice?

Now, regardless of what your views are on either abortion orthe death penalty, you can agree this framing is incredibly disrespectful. It doesnt give the interviewee the benefit of the doubt and automatically assumes she gravitates towards policies which support murder. Of course, there are other reasons for being both pro-choice and pro-death penalty, most of which dont support a consistent murder ethic. What Bennett is doing aims just to get a rise out of people, not to have a calm, level-headed discussion. If she wanted to have a level-headed discussion, she wouldnt paint her political opponent as a murderer.

Even so, despite Bennetts apparentlack of disrespect for people she disagrees with, the borderline violent behavior of students at Ohio University was uncalled for, and the police should have intervened. There is a difference between a heated debate and splashing someone with hot beverages while behaving in a manner that could be determined as a precursor to violence.

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I disagree with Kaitlin Bennet but I will protect her free speech - UConn Daily Campus

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