‘Tribals are Hindus, don’t divide them’ – Daily Pioneer

Posted: November 7, 2020 at 3:58 am

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All the tribal people living in this country are naturally Hindus. All these tribes, who have been living in this ancient land of Bharat since time immemorial are basically and essentially Hindus, unless and until they are converted to some other foreign religion, being impacted by imported faith."

These were the assertions made by All India Shraddhaa Jagaran Pramukh of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram Ramesh Babu. The Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrama is a leading tribal organisation working for the welfare and well-being of the tribals across the country.

Babu, on Sunday, was addressing a well-attended meeting of Janajatis in here. Stating that whichever thought-process, faith, civilization or culture has its origin in India is Sanatan Dharma or Manav Dharma or Hindu Dharma and all the original inhabitants of this land are Hindus.

He proclaimed that about 95 crore people out of the total population in this country are certainly Hindus even now, in spite of several adverse factors.Elaborating on the tribal issues, Babu said that there are about 62 different tribal communities spread over some 55 districts of the country. They are all Hindus, excluding, of course, those who, owing to different reasons, have embraced some other foreign religion.

All these tribal people, who are still continuing with indigenous Indian culture and traditions, should therefore enumerate themselves as Hindus during the upcoming census, he said.

Pointing out that the organisation named "Backward And Minority Communities Employees' Federation" (BAMCEF) is intentionally trying to create divisions in the tribal society by misleading them, he exhorted all concerned to be on guard against such nefarious designs of these elements. He stressed the need of Hindu consciousness among different sections of the society.

While social activist Govind Chandra Mohanta was the convenor of the programme, former CDMO Dr Chandan Murmu, Santhali writer Govind Majhi and RSS Vibhag Pracharak Tapan Nayak were the chief guest, guest of honour and special guest, respectively.


'Tribals are Hindus, don't divide them' - Daily Pioneer

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