From the Dara Hua Hindus of Maujpur to Manavs tragic death and Shaheen Bagh ground report: Top 10 exclusive OpIndia news breaks of 2020 – OpIndia

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The year 2020 has been difficult for everyone but with the support from our readers, OpIndia continued to publish news that are not covered by mainstream media. From stories on Grooming Jihad to unmasking civil society organizations, OpIndia published a lot of exclusive news stories.

On the anti-Hindu Delhi Riots and the investigation that followed, we have published numerous exclusive reports and also a book on the events and the conspiracy that led to the enormous bloodshed at the national capital.

Now that we are at the end of the year, we revisit some of the important news stories that we have reported this year.

OpIndia reported on the plight of Hindus at Maujpur, a Hindu dominated locality that witnessed widespread violence, in the aftermath of the anti-Hindu Delhi Riots. The Hindus in Maujpur were living in constant fear of being attacked by Islamist mobs. Vinod Kumar was shot dead in this area.

We discovered that men prepared to die and women of the house prepared to fight or die themselves if the Mohammaden mob comes for them is a story not uncommon with Hindu families living in fear since the Delhi anti-Hindu riots broke out. The media, on the other hand, was busy painting these riots as a pogrom against Muslims, incited by rabid Hindus.

A minor girl was abducted on gunpoint while she was returning from the marketwith her father. The incident took place on July 26 (Sunday) in Begusarais Bhikan Chak village that falls under Bachhwara police station. Dinesh, the father of the minor girl said that around 5 pm, seven people, including a female, approached them in a Bolero car while they were crossing the Panchayat Bhavan in Behrampur in Mansurchak Block inBegusaraidistrict and took away his daughter on gunpoint.

We brought the full story of the matter to public light.

OpIndia also reported on the Shaheen Bagh protests from the ground. We reported that contrary to the media narrative that this was a spontaneous protest, a lot of money was being spent on organizing it. The protests were extremely organized, for a protest that was touted to be spontaneous.

There was a security check as well where protesters would demand your identity proof and check your bags and even then, would continue keeping an eye on you. Media personnel are screened before they could talk with the protesters. A lot of the details was happily ignored by the mainstream media.

On the 4th of May, 2020, the life of one family in upscale Gurugram came to a screeching halt. A 17-year-old boy, Manav,jumpedfrom the 11th floor of his apartment building, landing on the road below and ultimately, losing his life. The Bois Locker Room controversy had claimed a victim. We interviewed his father to bring his side of the story and reveal how such a promising young life was cut short by the demented nature of social media.

South-Africa launched an anti-racism campaign led by President Ramaphosa. The campaign had significant opposition within South Africa as well. The launch of this campaign was to start with a virtual talk. The opening statements were to be delivered by President Cyril Ramaphosa and then, a panel discussion was to ensue with several other panelists making their comments.

7 out of 8 of those panelists belonged to South Africa. However, there was one name that did not add up Anand Sharma, Congress leader. We reported the manner in which Congress could have potentially undermined Indian national interests in the process.

OpIndia accessed a conversation which is between Person A (Person in whose home a bar-o-meter is installed) and his neighbour, makes it evident that Person A was scared for his security and his familys safety after being allegedly coerced by the Mumbai Police.

The conversation accessed by OpIndia raised significant questions regarding the conduct of the Mumbai Police and the manner in which witnesses were being coerced in order to target Arnab Goswami and Republic TV.

The Prasar Bharati finally terminated its arrangement with the Press Trust of India (PTI) in October this year. Earlier, it was announced that the government of India institution will be reviewing its arrangement with the PTI following its interview with the Chinese Ambassador wherein the news agency was accused of providing a platform for the Chinese to run their propaganda.

OpIndia reported the precise reason why Prasar Bharti took that decision.

OpIndia hasaccessedscreenshots of Whatsapp chats between those who controlled the Delhi riots which further explain how the communal riots were not the handiwork of locals but it was a result of deeper conspiracy and planning.

The WhatsApp chats make it extremely clear that the riots were a deep seated conspiracy and not impromptu at all.

We, at OpIndia, have spent a lot of time discussing and reporting on the undue influence that foreign-funded NGOs exert over the institutions of our country and the narratives that drive politics in the media. We have reported extensively on the manner in which foreign-funded NGOs are using the Judiciary in order to meddle the internal affairs of India via elements like Harsh Mander.

This year, we reported how Harsh Mander is a member of an organization connected to the Italian Government and the Italian Secret Service.

While the Delhi anti-Hindu riots rage on, the country woke up to disturbing news on 26th January. An Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer, Ankit Sharma, had been brutally murdered and his tortured remains were recovered from a nearby drain. Some said that the IB officer was mercilessly thrown after the murder during the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, others alleged that the body was hidden so it would not be recovered.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media claimed that Ankit Sharma was murdered by a mob chanting Jai Shri Ram and went further to say that it was his brother who had made the claim. It was under these circumstances that OpIndia talked to the deceased IB constables brother.

The brother denied making any such claim ever and said that it was Tahir Hussain and the Islamist mob the former AAP Councilor was leading that was responsible for Ankit Sharmas murder.

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From the Dara Hua Hindus of Maujpur to Manavs tragic death and Shaheen Bagh ground report: Top 10 exclusive OpIndia news breaks of 2020 - OpIndia

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