Pakistan: Homes of Hindus burnt down by Islamists in Sindh to force them to convert to Islam – OpIndia

Posted: October 31, 2020 at 6:28 pm

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Pakistani human rights activist Rahat Austin had recently shared that the homes of Hindus belonging to the highly marginalised and socio-economically backwardBheel and Meghwal community was set on fire in Pakistan. He said that one Dost Muhammad and some others simultaneously set fire to the houses of these poverty-stricken Hindus in Pakistans Sumar Puli, Khai, Sanghar and Sindh district. Rahat Austin also informed that a similar incident occurred on the same day in Tando Gulam Ali, Badin, Sindh.

The activist claims that by carrying out such atrocities, these Islamists continuously try and create pressure on these marganalised Hindus to either take up Islam or have them work as slaves.

This incident is, however, not an exclusive incident. Many such incidents have been reported in the past which go on to describe the extent of affliction the Hindu minorities are being subjected to in the terror state of Pakistan.

Only, last month we reported how 171 Hindu men, women and children belonging to the Bheel community were forcefully converted to Islam inside a madarsa in Pakistans Sindh province. Rahat had informed that the poor and vulnerable community has been subject to mass conversion under various allurements.

Similarly, in June this year, as many as 102 Hindus wereallegedlyforcibly converted to Islam in the Golarchi district of Pakistans Sindh province. Moreover, it was also reported that all the idols of Hindu gods kept in a local temple were destroyed and the premises was converted into a mosque.

Due to the continuous atrocities, many poor Hindus of Pakistan have been left with no choice but to accept Islam. According toreports, many Hindus have become Muslims in hope that they will get money and dignity to survive in the Islamic state of Pakistan.

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Pakistan: Homes of Hindus burnt down by Islamists in Sindh to force them to convert to Islam - OpIndia

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