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Grant Cardone, author of The 10X Rule and Sell or Be Sold, was dubbed by Forbes the #1 Marketing Influencer in the World.

Welcome to my review of the Grant Cardone University.

I am going to discuss Grant Cardone, the course, and its training and upsells so that you can get the best from this Grant Cardone University review and make the right decision for yourself on whether or not to invest in the course.

Find out here if Grant Cardone University is legit or a scam.

What is Grant Cardone University? It is Grant Cardones sales training platform containing over 1,700 segments of interactive video content created by sales master Grant Cardone.

However, it is not only a course on selling. It is much more than that. It is a course on leadership, success, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more.

Through Grant Cardone University, you are also introduced to key industry experts people like Shark Tanks Daymond John who offer valuable insights into the world of business and sales.

Grant figured it out. No matter how much you learn, if you do not take action, you never profit.

You MUST apply the lessons.

Now lets take a look at Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone is a badass entrepreneur known forhis ability to turn words into money.

In his early 20s, Grant Cardone found himself in rehab. But he eventually became an entrepreneur, salesman,and 8-figure earner.

But not only that, he has an amazing philosophy on life and insights into human nature which serves him very well in his sales tactics.

Check out the video below to hear Grant Cardones philosophy on prosperity. Isnt that what youre looking for? You arent content with your disgusting middle-class income. You want to create something that will provide for you and your family not just the basics of life but a life of abundance.

Something that will bring you massive profits.

The son of Italian immigrants, Grant is a self-proclaimed middle class guy that came from nothing.

He started off with normal jobs McDonalds, a country club, a clothing company, a furniture store, and offshore boating and got fired from every single one of them until he found himself in drug rehab.

He was lost and confused.

But at the age of 23 years old he decided to take his life into his own hands and that failure was not an option.

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After this, Grant became you wouldnt believe it a car salesman and decided that he would learn everything there was about selling cars.

He spent the next two years doing just that, becoming moreaggressive at selling than even the dealership owner himself!

Within two years Grant was in the top 1% of car salesmen in the country.

However, after witnessing corruption in the car dealership and subsequently being fired for calling it out, he decided to start his own business.

Grant saved his cash for a few years and finally bought his first property at the age of 29 a single-family residence in Houston, Texas.

After a little while, however, the tenants left, and the property was running a loss.

This taught Grant an extremely valuable lesson: when it comes to real estate, buy big, baby!

Then ate the age of 34, having saved most of the money he earned as a salesman, Grant bought a 38-unit apartment complex in San Diego.

He has continued to funnel the income he makes from his sales businesses into real estate and today boasts a 9-figure real estate portfolio.

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Youre interested in Grant Cardone University because you obviously want to make more money.

So naturally you would wonder how much Grant Cardones net worth has become over the years.

No one knows for sure, but his real estate investment company, Cardone Acquisitions, claims to hold $566 million of multifamily properties throughout the country.yLets just say that Grant Cardones net worth is at least $100 million, and knowing this, we all have a thing or two to learn from him.

It doesnt take a genius to figure out that Grant Cardones ability to sell has gotten him to the place he is today.

And this ability to sell is exactly what will set apart the abundant from the middle-class and poor.

For years, Grant Cardone has taught go-getters the art of selling.

Probably one of the most affordable ways to tap into Grand Cardones wealth building methods is to organize your day with the 10X Daily Planner.

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With this planner, you will learn how to:

Organize your day to set yourself up for success.

Pack in every activity and challenge yourself to see how fast you can complete tasks.

Remind yourself what the bigger picture is.

What are you shooting for?

Writing down your goals keeps them in sight and at the top of your mind.

I always study those who are successful and use their words to inspire me.

A daily quote can also be your own mantra that helps you push through to achieve your goals.

Aim high and raise the bar.

Youre capable of much more than you think.

Once you set your targets, commit to getting as close to them as possible without ever lowering your target.

As you complete tasks and solve problems take note.

Writing down the positive wins of the day motivates you to do more.

End your daily hustle by revisiting your goals and adding new ones.

Make them HUGE and then get obsessed with them.

Let your big goals be what drives you to push yourself to greatness.

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Grant Cardone makes 8 figures a year in his sales business.

No joke.

But he didnt start off that way. He has spent thousands of his own hours and dollars as a young man, trying and testing, to figure out what works when it comes to selling.

And now he is sharing that knowledge with his students through the no-nonsense Grant Cardone University course where Grant takes you behind-the-scenes to see exactly what he is doing to make life-changing money in sales.

This is what Grant has to say about getting what you want:

You will either get what you want or you will be used by others to get what they want. Grant Cardone

He is one of the most transparent teachers/trainers teaching sales today.

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There is no bait and switch with Grant Cardone; he teaches you exactly whatactually makes money and works for him.

Most importantly, the coolest thing about Grant is he has a track record of success. His training, coachingand affiliate network is directly responsible for creating dozens of successful salespeople and marketers like myself.

The Grant Cardone University course currently has 1,700 lessons from Grant himself.

And Grant is routinely adding more content to respond to the needs of his students.

The training is a balancedmix of technical knowledge and also mindset preparation.

No matter what business you get into, your mindset will dictate 80% of your results.

You need to cultivate and maintain positivity and focus to be successful in sales.

The material is dense but well-layered.

Here are the cornerstone modules youll get in Grant Cardone University:

Grant Cardone University will give you life-changing information that could possibly take you to a 6-, 7-, or even 8-figure earner.

However, you must take rapid action on what you learn.

The speed of your money depends on your speed of implementation.

Also, about once a week Grant will do exclusive live trainings with Cardone University students.

For example, tomorrow he has one on Money & Finance.

The cost is typically $19,815, but has recently been discounted.

If you dont have the budget right now for the entire Grant Cardone Sales Training University, then feel free to check out other top-rated Grant Cardone products and tools.

The challenge with the Grant Cardone University review is there is truly no shortage of online sales courses available.

With so many courses and trainingsonline, it is often hard to know what is real and whats a waste of time.

Youcould just stick to free trainings on forums and Youtube, but the problem is there is a lot of bullcrap theory and bad advice that you will have to filter through, andoften you cant tell the difference.

That is not the case with Grant Cardone University. This course is not a scam.

Grant Cardone University is easily the best sales training course in the world.

With Grant Cardone, you have someonewhois established andsuccessful. He also shows you exactly what he does to make sales.

He teaches you in-depth exactly what he does to earn his money and how you can do the same. This course is about teaching you how to fish and become a fisherman.

If you are in sales and would like 10x your business, you should invest in this course

Nevertheless, whatever point youre at, Grant gives you the foundationalskills you will needbe consistently profitable.

Without it, you may have temporary success, but it may notlast. Invest in your education and you will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

As I mentioned above, Grant Cardone University typically costs $19,815, but it has recently been discounted.

I am not sure how long Grant is going to keep this discount going, so be sure to take advantage of it before time runs out.

I hope that my Cardone University review helped give you more insight on the course and I appreciate your feedback in the comments.


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Grant Cardone University Review: Is Grant Cardone Legit or ...

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