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Grant Cardone net worth is $350 Million

Grant Cardone was born on the 21st March 1958, in Lake Charles, Louisiana USA, and is widely known as an entrepreneur, author of books as well as a motivational speaker. All these engagements are sources of Grant Cardones net worth.

So just how rich is Grant Cardone, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that the current net worth of this entrepreneur is as much as $350 million, accumulated during his working life which began in the early 1980s.

Grant Cardone was born to parents Concetta and Curtis Louis Cardone, and raised in a family with his four siblings including a twin. He was educated at LaGrange High School, and went on to further education at McNeese State University, from where he graduated in 1981 with a Bachelors degree majoring in accounting. Great understanding of accounting helped Grant Cardone to eventually add much financially to the size of his net worth.

However, after graduation he didnt work specifically in this field, actually becoming a car salesman, and moving around the US, living in Chicago, Lake Charles, Houston in Texas, La Jolla in California, and finally settling down in Los Angeles. Grant worked in a sales training company for some time, before serving in the CEO position of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc. Then, he founded and successfully ran his own businesses, The Cardone Group and Cardone Enterprises, the first of which concentrates on real estate operations, and the second consulting on customizing sales processes and improving customer experience, including for such companies as Wells Fargo, Google and Ford. His businesses are the main sources of Grants net worth.

In addition, Grant Cardone added to his wealth as the author of the books Sell To Survive (2008), The Closers Survival Guide (2009),If Youre Not First, Youre Last (2010), The 10X Rule (2011) and Sell or be Sold (2012). The number one seller according to Nobles, Barnes and Amazon on The Wall Street Journals and The New York Times best seller list, has been If Youre Not First, Youre Last (2010).

Moreover, Cardone was seen on the National Geographic Channel in the reality television series Turnaround King (2011), which was focused on Cardone running his businesses. Grant also appeared in the reality television series Howd You Get So Rich? (2010) created by Mark Burnett, Barry Poznick and John Stevens. The success story of his business was portrayed as well as showing a tour of Cardones home. His appearances on television added somewhat to his net worth, but also increased the public exposure and hence popularity of the businessman.

Among various awards, in 2010, he was honoured with the McNeese State University Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Concerning his private life, Grant Cardone is married to the actress Elena Lyons, and the family has two daughters. Cardone is a member of the religious movement, The Church of Scientology, which is focused on administration, practice and dissemination of Scientology (body of beliefs and related practices). He promotes Scientology as well as Dianetics the set of practices and ideas created using metaphysical relationship between body and mind sponsoring the drivers of NASCAR as the head of Freedom Motorsports.

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