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Posted: October 20, 2019 at 9:39 am

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As we all know, real estate is definitely a way of making a ton of money because theres billions of dollars being generated annually in the scene but many people always tend to go the long route to becoming a licensed realtor when all that isnt necessary. Heres what Edward Shatverov, a teenage millionaire e-commerce expert and real estate investor had to say about why being a real estate investor is much better than becoming a licensed realtor.

Virtually everyone has heard a thing or two about real estate investing and how lucrative it can be if done right. Without sugarcoating things, real estate investing requires having a fair bit of capital and it may require incurring some costs on your part as an investor but one thing is constant; if you go about it the right way, real estate investment is highly lucrative and you will find out that being a real estate investor is better than being a realtor.

As a real estate investor, you can have a steady flow of income and comfortably retire without having any financial worries. So, if you are thinking of delving into real estate investing as a way of fulfilling your retirement goals, you are definitely on the right track. A single property can provide you a steady source of income for life; now think about what multiple properties can fetch you.

Of course, as a realtor theres money to be made and its definitely a decent business venture but my personal recommendation is to get into real estate investing instead. The real estate market looks pretty good at the moment and now will be the best time to enter as an investor. You only need to spot the right locations at the right time. Conduct an intensive real estate market analysis and consult with a real estate professional before purchasing your first property.

Edward Shatverov makes a valid point and hes certainly not the only one who thinks that way. Even Grant Cardone, the CEO of Cardone Capital believes that theres more money to be made as a real estate investor rather than being a realtor.

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Edward Shatverov: Being a Real Estate Investor Is Better Than Being a Real Estate Agent - Explosion

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